About 1 Percent

While we sold the 1st glass pipe online, way back in 1995, there's plenty of online shops to choose from these days. We know you're not only looking for the best options but you also want to make sure your getting genuine product which might not be the case everywhere. Besides that history, here are just a few of the reasons to go with 1 Percent:

28+ Years Online! That's how long 1 Percent has been on the web; since 1995 (older than Google!). Thousands of customers from the world over choose 1 Percent each and every month for their smoking needs. Our goal is to present only the finest papers and gear. If you're not happy, we're not happy.

100% USA based! We ship in the US via either USPS or UPS and we've done it for nearly 3 decades. Order from us and you don't have to fear that your order will get stuck in customs and/or arrive in pieces. Prices are in US dollars so no currency surprises or foreign transfer fees from your credit card company. We ship from New York and all packages are fully insured and trackable. Bonus for Northeast customers; Orders arrive next day from Boston to DC by regular UPS Ground!

Unique, Made in America products! Be it high tech Fumo Pipes (CO), glass pipes (focus on East Coast glass artists), genuine ProtoPipes (Cali)... 1 Percent curates the best in American ingenuity and craftsmanship so you can get your smoke gear fresh from the USA rather than cheap knockoffs from China.

No Chinese glass pipes and No Chinese vape pens! Why Not? Let's just say it's because we have a conscience. Risking anyone's health is not worth a few extra $'s. "Designed in California" doesn't work for us because you don't inhale your iPhone. Call us if you want the details.

Speaking of which, you can call us! Seems like something simple but take a look at some of the other sites out there and you realize how often this is overlooked. Our customer service agents are available to quickly answer your questions and assist with your orders. If you have specific product questions we can transfer your call to one of our on staff experts.

Safe, Secure and Discreet Ordering! We never disclose your personal information to anyone. Ever. We use the latest in secure encryption to protect your purchase experience and credit card data is not stored on our servers (sent encrypted directly to the processor). You can order with confidence knowing that we've processed over 400,000 orders securely and we will never do anything to risk the trust you have placed in us. We ship your order in discreet packaging - no huge logos or anything like that. Maybe most important to the safety of your data is that we verify age on each and every customer and have since we sold the first glass pipe online in 1995. Why would we sell to underage kids and risk everything? Unfortunately that's a question other stores (& Amazon sellers) do not ask themselves.

Great Lifestyle and Smoking Accessories! 1Percent strives to carry the very best in lifestyle and smoking accessories from manufacturers and distributors based in the markets which we serve. Rolling papers, rolling machines, pipes, grinder/sifters, storage solutions, vaporizers, glass and many others. Whatever your choice, 1Percent has the brand for you: RAW Rolling Papers, Elements Papers, Smoking Brand Papers, Fumo Pipes, Pure Hemp Papers, What Smell? and many, many more; even overpriced Zig Zags, though they suck as a brand. We don't carry everything because frankly some of it is crap. We want happy customers so we test everything and hold our vendors to a higher standard.

Browse the site, see the latest in new products or shop by category and more. Making your purchase on-line is easy, convenient, and completely secure. We're lucky enough to have been serving many of our customers for decades!

You can depend on 1 Percent for the finest products and solid customer service each and every day. If you have any questions just give us a call toll-free at 800-930-4367 M-F or use our online contact form anytime.