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RYOT All Wood GR8TR Herb Grinder/Sifter

by: RYOT

All Wood Herb Grinder and Sifter from RYOT Zoom

RYOT All Wood GR8TR Herb Grinder/Sifter

by: RYOT
Large all wood herb grinder and sifter

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The All New, All Wood GR8TR Herb Grinder and Sifter from RYOT is made from Acacia wood; except for the stainless steel 60 mesh sift screen of course. The wooden teeth take their tech from the GR8TR system to produce perfect grinds every time with tapered drop through holes. Strong magnets hold the top of the grinder firmly in place.

Rounded collector bowl on the bottom makes for thorough pollen removal. No corners to dig out.

Perfect for those who prefer wood to metal but still appreciate precision. Added bonus of extremely easy disassembly as no threading. Just pull apart.

Expertly crafted made by high tech machines instead of underpaid workers. You can easily see the difference in quality.

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