American Helix Micro Classic Pipe

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Glass spoon pipe with the swirling Helix smoke
The Classic Helix is the original Helix pipe invented by Boxfan in 2007. Unique and modern, this glass spoon pipe features the iconic Helix Venturi technology. As with all American Helix pieces, the Classic Helix is 100% American made glass. We wouldn't have it any other way.

The Original Glass Helix Pipes are handblown in Texas with the utmost care and precision to make sure each piece meets their impeccably high standards. These pipes are engineered with the scientific foundation of Bernoulli's Principle, demonstrating the Venturi Effect with each and every draw. The Venturi chamber (helix body) utilizes the "trinity" inlet system allowing small amounts of cool air to enter the chamber and mix with the hot smoke to form a swirling tornado effect that quite literally carries a helical shape. Each air inlet is precisely made so that there is neither an excess or deficiency of air flow introduced from any point in the "trinity."

Approximately 3.5" in length and graphic colors will vary. If you have any color preference(s), please mention them in the Special Instructions area of Checkout. Also, beware of another Helix out there (in less savory headshops). If it doesn't say "American" in the name, it's Grav Labs crap (or worse) made in China.

Made in USA (Texas)


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    Very sturdy and a pleasure to smoke!

    Posted by Paul on Aug 04, 2021

    This American Helix smokes like a dream. The Venturi effect really does cool the smoke and is super cool to see in action.

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    Posted by Jared on Jul 16, 2020

    Super Sturdy

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    "better taste,better health"

    Posted by Chris on Dec 25, 2018

    "broke my first one of these and had to go back to smoking in my metal bowl. my coughing got so bad from it my wife (who does not approve) asked me what was wrong? i explained i was forced to switch from glass to metal. for god's sake,she replied,replace your glass one. helps keep your lungs so much cleaner,and makes the taste so much cleaner too. exceptional."

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    Everyone loves this pipe!

    Posted by Robin on Oct 20, 2016

    "Very well made – I dropped this pipe on a concrete patio,it bounced three times and DID NOT break; it was still completely intact,no chips or fractures. This pipe is a hit with all who toke upon it,I love to make little tornadoes inside it. I highly recommend it,lol. You won't be disappointed."

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    Posted by Frank on Jul 27, 2016

    Great for personnel use.<br>Carb on right

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    THIS is the one!

    Posted by Evan on May 12, 2016

    "Ever since the Jack Herer wood pipes came out,I've been fascinated by pipes that employ the venturi effect. Since glass is a superior material for smokeware I was delighted to find this option. Seemed a tad pricey,but I'm sooo glad I took the chance!<br><br>Not only does it provide an exquisite smoking experience,but the venturi effect actually keeps the smoke away from the edges of the main chamber,keeping the pipe clean for longer.<br><br>This exceptionally well designed pipe is WELL worth the price,both for the quality of the product itself and for the quality of the smoke it provides."