American Helix Mini Uno Daily Driver

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Glass steamroller pipe with the swirling smoke
The American Helix Mini Uno Daily Driver is a stylish step up from the truly functional Mini Uno. Same great Helix pipe design invented by Boxfan in 2007. Unique and modern, this glass steamroller pipe features the iconic Helix Venturi technology. As with all American Helix pieces, the Classic Helix is 100% American made glass. We wouldn't have it any other way.

The American Helix Pipes designed by Boxfan Willy is handblown in Texas with the utmost care and precision to make sure each piece meets their impeccably high standards. These pipes are engineered with the scientific foundation of Bernoulli's Principle, demonstrating the Venturi Effect with each and every draw. The Venturi chamber (helix body) utilizes the "trinity" inlet system allowing small amounts of cool air to enter the chamber and mix with the hot smoke to form a swirling tornado effect that quite literally carries a helical shape. Each air inlet is precisely made so that there is neither an excess or deficiency of air flow introduced from any point in the "trinity."

Approximately 5.25" in length and 1.25" in diameter. Color dots and graphic colors will vary. If you have any color preference(s), please mention them in the Special Instructions area of Checkout. Also, beware that there is another Helix out there in less reputable headshops but in person you'll see there's no comparison. If the glass piece doesn't say "American" before Helix, then it's cheap China glass and you don't want it.

Made in USA (Texas)


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    Nice Piece

    Posted by Jim on Jul 27, 2023

    Well made, very nice piece… now my go to.

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    This Mini Uno is a thing of beauty!

    Posted by Paul on Aug 04, 2021

    Very thick glass and smokes nice and cool. Arrived fast and in perfect condition. Thank you 1percent!!!

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    Hits your lung like a bullet!

    Posted by Kappie on Jun 09, 2019

    "This piece has a great feel as I love the glass studs on both sides for a better grip. Another reviewer stated that the spiral smoke effect wasn't prevalent in this piece,but mine works just fine! Fits right inside of your pocket too"

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    Very cool spiral smoke

    Posted by RayRay on Jun 30, 2018

    You can't help but try to watch this smoke helix swirl. At first I was going cross eyed trying to see but now I do in front of a mirror :-) Super cool and smooth hits every time! Go USA!

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    American Helix Mini Uno

    Posted by Timothy on Aug 09, 2016

    "Unreal mini roller that makes for some very impressive hits. Been trying it out mostly with a local Olympic strain and seriously...this is one badass piece of glass. Great cool smoke with really cool lines.<br><br>Another great purchase,thank you!"

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    UNO Driver

    Posted by Frank on Jul 27, 2016

    Small bowl..1 or 2 tokes at best

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    Interesting gimmick

    Posted by Evan on May 12, 2016

    "The pipe is comfortable to hold and use,but the much hyped venturi effect is severely lacking compared to the other pipes by this maker.<br><br>This is a fine mini steamroller,but with only 1 vent hole compared to the 3 used in the other models,it's basically just a mini steamroller.<br><br>The marble on the right side to keep it from rolling away is a nice touch,and the overall design should be exceptionally easy to clean,but I MUCH prefer the performance of their Micro Classic Helix!"