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ArGo Vaporizer

by: Arizer

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ArGo Vaporizer

by: Arizer
Latest Arizer Vaporizer w/Free Shipping and Grinder

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Every New ArGo Vaporizer from Arizer gets a Free 3 Piece Grinder and Free Shipping (US)!

Fans of Arizer vaporizers rejoice! The new ArGo ultra-portable vape is as good as it gets! These new ArGo vapes are truly pocket sized with a digital display and precise controls plus fast heat-up time (~60 seconds), easier draw, and up to 90 minutes per charge! Continue to Vape while charging! The digital panel helps you set the exact temperature that will deliver maximum flavor for your strain. The glass, ceramic and stainless steel air path combined with hybrid heating protects the taste of your herbs and helps ensure that pure flavor flows without restriction.

What's Included with the ArGo?
1 x ArGo Portable Vaporizer
1 x ArGo Swappable 18650 Battery
1 x ArGo USB Charger /Power Adapter
2 x ArGo Glass Aroma Tube
1 x Belt-Clip Carry Case
2 x Silicone Stem Caps
1 x Stainless Steel Stirring Tool
4 x Stainless Steel Filter Screens
1 x ArGo Owner’s Manual

ArGo Vaporizer Specs:
- Height 3.5in / 9cm
- Width 2 in / 5cm
- Depth 1 in / 2.5 cm
- Weight 3.4oz / 96 g
- Temp Range: 122° F - 428° F (50° C - 220° C) Fully Adjustable
- 100 - 240v Worldwide Power

Battery Performance
Depending on the temperature setting and general usage the ArGo battery will typically last for 90 minutes of use per charge. The battery will take 3 hours to fully charge, or longer if you use it while charging (or swap it out).
With normal use they will last for hundreds of charge cycles before losing any capacity. Keep in mind that dropping the battery or the unit can result in battery damage that may limit / reduce the battery capacity so don't drop it.

Use While Charging
If your battery is running low, with the ArGo you don’t have to wait for the battery to fully charge before you can use it. Just partially charge the battery (5-10 minutes) and then you can set the temperature and use the vape while the battery continues charging. Note: The ArGo will not operate if the battery is completely drained like most electronic devices.

The ArGo and ArGo Chargers have built-in protections to prevent the battery from being overcharged or drained too low. To conserve battery life, use in a temperature-controlled environment with lower temp settings. When outdoors, stay sheltered from the elements and avoid using in extremely cold temperatures. Charge the battery as necessary. Do not store the ArGo with the battery fully charged or fully drained for longer than one month (store with partial charge).

Control Panel
The Control Panel consists of the OLED display and three buttons: the Menu (M) button, and the Up & Down arrow buttons. Use the Menu button to navigate through the different settings and the Up & Down buttons to adjust them. Controls are similar to the Air 2 and the Solo 2 so if you know those vapes you're already familiar with the new ArGo.

Temperature Settings
The ArGo optimized heating system warms up fast and has a wide temperature range of 50° C – 220° C (122° F – 428° F). The temperature is adjustable in 1-degree increments and 10-degree increments. The display can be set to Celsius (default) or Fahrenheit.

Audio / Beep
The Audio / Beep function has three volume settings and can be turned on and off. If the Audio / Beep is activated, a beep will be heard when the ArGo is powered on or off. If the Audio / Beep is deactivated, the ArGo remains silent when powered on or off.

Power-On Delay and Automatic Shut-Off Timer
The power-on delay safety feature ensures you don’t accidentally turn on the unit and has three settings for your convenience: 4 Seconds, 6 Seconds (default), and 8 Seconds. The automatic shut-off timer safety feature can be adjusted between 5 - 15 minutes in 1-minute increments. The default 10-minutes.

Display Brightness
The ArGo display has three brightness settings: low, medium (default), and high.

Equipped for worldwide use with a 110-240V power supply and international safety certifications.

ArGo Warranty Information
The ArGo Vaporizer carries a limited 2-Year warranty covering defects in materials or workmanship. Glass is not covered under warranty but cheap to replace. Retain proof of purchase for warranty service. Returning the product and costs incurred are the responsibility of the user. Arizer will repair or replace warrantied items at their discretion. The warranty does not cover units damaged by dropping, tampering, unauthorized service performed or attempted, modifying the unit, misuse or abuse.

Meets UL, EU, and CSA requirements. Includes a solid warranty from Arizer, a trusted company. 1 Percent is an Authorized Distributor of all Arizer products.

Made in Canada

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