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Bad Ash Purpleheart Wood Pipe

Bad Ash Purpleheart Wood Pipe Zoom


Bad Ash Purpleheart Wood Pipe

Hand crafted wood pipes

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This Bad Ash Wood Pipe delivers on the classic wood pipe asthetic with the finest in Purpleheart hardwood. These classic Wood Pipes, made here in America, are sized just right for easy passing as well as easy travel. Consisting of a handcrafted Purpleheart wood pipe with a brass bowl screen; just like the old days.

Each wood pipe is hand cut and finished to a length of 3.625 in & ~0.875in square. The durable Purpleheart used for this pipe is unstained; only sanded and polished to perfection.

You will not be any happier with any imported wood pipe, generally from cheap scrap wood. Life is too short for that so get an American made Bad Ash from exotic hardwood!

Bad Ash Wood Pipes with fancy wood are ideal for when you are looking to smoke in the great outdoors. The portability means they work great when toking around the house too. In both locations, these wood pipes resist breaks from drops because they're made from wood rather than glass.

1 x Bad Ash Wooden Hand Pipe in Purpleheart
1 x Screen Bowl

Made in USA
Bad Ash Wood Dugouts

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