Better Wholesale Coming Soon

Change is Coming

After 28+ Years online, it's long overdue that we re-invent 1 Percent Wholesale once again.

As we embark on this exciting journey, we'll be pausing our current platform to focus fully on this transformation. But rest assured, our commitment remains unchanged. Phones & Email remain on if you need anything.

Better Products

We've always valued authentic, safe products over quick profits, and that commitment stands firm, especially in light of 2023's "challenges". We're reviewing all of our offerings to ensure they meet our high standards.


But it's not all about changes. We're also celebrating milestones, like Smoking brand's 100th anniversary – a testament to enduring authenticity.


Plus, we're excited to strengthen our bond with the NYC community, rolling out innovative products and features tailored to the evolving legal landscape.


Even if you are not in NYC, as the saying goes, if it can make it here, it can make it anywhere. 🗽

Smoking Papers Celebrates 100 Years
Fumo Pipes

Need Something?
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For any wholesale inquiries, orders and/or product questions, call us toll free at 800-930-4367, M-F, 11-6 EST (+1-347-394-3904) or email us anytime using the button below