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Big Nickel Pipe

by: 1 Percent

Big Nickel Metal Hand Pipe Zoom

Big Nickel Pipe

by: 1 Percent
Nickel plated metal hand pipe

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All nickel metal hand pipe with a fat chamber in the middle.

Made in the USA
1 Percent

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Review by Dick
  • 5.0
Old school
Great pipe, bring's me back to the old school way of doing things. Works very well, nice storage chamber for your stash. Also bought a large wood bowl to use for larger jobs, also looks good, another throw back to the old days. shipped to me very fast to boot ! Will come back when looking for more cool para ! C-YA
Review by Mr. Ed
  • 5.0
Nice and simple!
Sometimes, you need a break from a wooden pipe, or from a vape, and this does the job. It reminds me of one of the first metal pipes I bought 40+ years ago (yikes!). I keep it in my couch-side table for some quick hits and find I use it quite often. Sometimes, simple is best!
Review by Allen
  • 4.0
*8 out of 10
holes need to be bigger for better hit quality!
Review by chris
  • 5.0
Love it!!
great for on the go
Review by Seasoned pro
  • 5.0
Pipe works great!! Looks clean and easily concealed in your hand or pocket. Couldn't be happier.. Thanks!!
Review by Marcel
  • 5.0
Good pipe for the money
I like the big nickel pipe because its cheap, has good draw, works good, and has all of the handi pieces for classic metal pipes. I gave it 5 stars!
Review by Michael
  • 5.0
Old school pipe. Works great
Review by ROGER
  • 3.0
I dont like the seperate threaded pieces that hold the body together.
my REAL old school pipe has a one piece center with threads attached.
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1-8 of 35 Reviews

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