Big Nickel Pipe

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Nickel plated metal hand pipe

All nickel metal hand pipe with a fat nickel chamber in the middle. Classic American made metal hand pipe.

The Nickel armback is upgraded to the rounded barrel rather than the older squared armback shown in the photo. We'll update these pics soon

Made in the USA


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    Posted by Radioeye on Aug 11, 2018

    "Just what we needed. Glass pipes have a short lifespan at our house. This hefty metal pipe stands up to abuse. It feels good in the hand,has a decent capacity bowl and is easy to clean. Only complaint,outside of bowl gets very hot when in use. I'd love to see a metal pipe with a silicone covered bowl to avoid such discomfort. All in all,a good purchase."

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    Old school

    Posted by Dick on May 15, 2018

    "Great pipe,bring's me back to the old school way of doing things. Works very well,nice storage chamber for your stash. Also bought a large wood bowl to use for larger jobs,also looks good,another throw back to the old days. shipped to me very fast to boot ! Will come back when looking for more cool para ! C-YA"

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    Nice and simple!

    Posted by Mr. Ed on Dec 29, 2017

    "Sometimes,you need a break from a wooden pipe,or from a vape,and this does the job. It reminds me of one of the first metal pipes I bought 40+ years ago (yikes!). I keep it in my couch-side table for some quick hits and find I use it quite often. Sometimes,simple is best!"

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    *8 out of 10

    Posted by Allen on Apr 07, 2016

    holes need to be bigger for better hit quality!

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    Love it!!

    Posted by chris on Mar 09, 2016

    great for on the go

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    Posted by Seasoned pro on Aug 02, 2015

    Pipe works great!! Looks clean and easily concealed in your hand or pocket. Couldn't be happier.. Thanks!!

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    Good pipe for the money

    Posted by Marcel on May 27, 2015

    "I like the big nickel pipe because its cheap,has good draw,works good,and has all of the handi pieces for classic metal pipes. I gave it 5 stars!"

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    Posted by Michael on Dec 08, 2014

    Old school pipe. Works great

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    Posted by ROGER on Dec 07, 2014

    I dont like the seperate threaded pieces that hold the body together.<br>my REAL old school pipe has a one piece center with threads attached.

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    Awesome pipe!

    Posted by Regina on Dec 06, 2014

    "I loved it! Easy to use,easy to clean! The best one,small enough to carry in a pocket."