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Black Dugout w/Poker

by: RYOT

Black Dugout w/Poker Zoom

Black Dugout w/Poker

by: RYOT
Large Dugout with one hitter bat & poker from RYOT

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This RYOT Dugout smoking system in stealth black, has a dual-purpose magnetic twist top lid. This not only keeps the lid closed but also secures a poker in the bottom!

Same size as your standard dugout, each consists of a box, a poker, and a cigarette style one hitter bat. Two compartments; one contains the cigarette bat, the other is used to store your herbs. The steel poker and lid is held in place by an internal magnet. All precision machined and finished.

dugout one hitter smokingTo use, twist open the lid of the RYOT Dugout, remove the one hitter, push the bat into the herb storage compartment and give it a twist. This will fill the end of the one hitter bat with enough smoking material for "one hit". When finished, simply use the included poker to clear the ash, replace the one hitter and poker, and twist close it up.

Dugout smoking systems complete with one hitters are ideal for when you are trying to cutback on tobacco smoking. Also works great for toking all kinds of legal herbs.

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Review by Tuesday
  • 5.0
Long lasting and worth the money
I've had this product for a couple years and going and I love it. Durable, discreet and suits its purpose perfectly!
Review by Kristi
  • 4.0
Really like it, thought there would be a one hit pipe with it. But I got a cig bat free so I was good.
Review by Damian
  • 2.0
It ok
The dug out is a little thin and i am afraid if i put it in my back pocket and sat on it it would break. it looks like pressed wood inside not carved from a single piece of wood like im used to. the top has come loose a little in only a week or so and tightening it may not be an option due to its thin construction. i have ordered a metal one now and i hope its a little sturdier. not a bad dugout over all just maybe not one for work.
Review by myrna
  • 5.0
My favorite place to shop
Very impressed. . fast shipping. . great product.. exactly what was advertise. . this is a great company
Review by smithtif001
  • 5.0
Perfect gift
Got this for a gift for my man he lovesss it!
Review by Andy
  • 5.0
I love these dugouts!
I've been a fan of this dugout for years now. The perfect gift for any smoker. The built in poker had saved me plenty of times. A must-have!
Review by Koala
  • 5.0
Love it
My friend took mine (and paid me) so I am here ordering a new one for myself. Like the price and the poker.
Review by Adrian
  • 5.0
Money saver
Dope! Best investment I've made.
Packs a 8th of herb
Review by Tonya
  • 5.0
Super great!
Very light weight and fits perfectly in my purse or back pocket!
Review by zeta6742
  • 5.0
Great Dugout
Loved this dugout so much that i just bought it again!
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1-10 of 42 Reviews

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