Blaze For The Holidaze Kush Hitter Kards

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Stoner Greeting Card With One Hitter Bat Attached
Kush Hitter Kards not only deliver a poignant message of holiday cheer, they leave your favorite toker with a keepsake one hitter bat to hold onto long after the greeting card. Share the hits in style this Holidaze season with this fine but funny card.

5" x 7" Kush Kard Greeting Card
Outside: Let's Blaze for the Holidaze
Inside: Blank

Each Card Set Includes:
Candy Cane One Hitter Bat

Round out any smoker's gift pack with a lovely card. Let Mom & Dad know you know. Get the office Stoner a Kush Kard for Secret Santa. Go all out and attach one to a gift wrapped with RAW Wrapping paper... the possibilities are endless :-)

DISCLAIMER / FYI / DUH: It Is Illegal to Mail Any Packages Containing Marijuana, no matter what state you are in. Please do not do it.

Bonus: There's a match striker located on the bottom of the card that can be used repeatedly to light the one hitter (with a match of course).