BRNT Prism Ceramic Hand Pipe

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Ergonomic ceramic hand pipe that fits perfectly in hand

The Prism pipe by BRNT Designs is an ergonomic hand pipe that fits perfectly in your hand while maximizing internal surface area and allowing the smoke to cool down and create the perfect hit.

Inspired by LED art, the Prism by BRNT Designs deflects light in two positions to provide a signature visual experience that’s unlike those old fashioned ceramic pipes from back in the day.

Cleaning Instructions:
Ceramic can be easily cleaned with isopropyl alcohol and/or hot water and soap. Do not use any metal cleaning tools to avoid scraping or damaging the ceramic glaze.

Features / Specs:
Opaque and Stain resistant ceramic
2 positions to stand or lay flat
Large choke for easy cleaning
Oversized chamber for smoother smoke
Dishwasher safe

The BRNT Prism Ceramic Hand Pipe measures up at 5.36 inches tall by 2.55 inches wide by 2.22 inches deep.