The Original BudBomb Gold

by budbomb
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Roll out with the budbomb pipe in gold
The Original Bud Bomb pipe from Budbomb is a compact dry herb pipe. This portable and virtually indestructible hand pipe is perfect for smoking on the go.

The Bud Bomb pipe breaks down into four basic pieces. A mouthpiece, a revolutionary internal cooling helix, the main chamber, and the bowl. As you intake smoke from this handy pipe, your smoke cools on its journey in the airtight path. Chill your Budbomb pipe in the freezer before use for added smoothness.

When your little Bud Bomb pipe gets dirty, simply disassemble the pipe then easily clean with a qtip swab and rinse with water. If you want to be a little more through with cleaning the pipe then you can bath the pipe components in 420 cleaning solution overnight.

The Bud Bomb pipe is a fantastic piece for any herb fan who likes their hits quick and on the go. Easy to carry and even easier to pack, this pipe is the all about convenience. It even works as a keychain.

Besides this gold pipe, the Bud Bomb is also available in 2 other distinct finishes including silver and gunmetal black.

Measures 4 inches long by 0.625 inches in diameter and comes in a drawstring velvet pouch.

Made in the UK