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Cali Crusher OG 2 Piece 2" Herb Grinder Purple

Cali Crusher OG 2 Piece 2 inch Herb Grinder Black Zoom

Cali Crusher OG 2 Piece 2" Herb Grinder Purple

2 piece anodized Purple grinder sized right at 2 inches

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The simple yet classic O.G. Cali Crusher 2 Piece Herb Grinder is the affordable grinder favorite. CNC machined grinders from one solid piece of aerospace aluminum, so no need to worry about the blade plate coming loose or teeth dropping out. This classic grinder design uses diamond cut teeth to crush your herbs into a perfectly blended and fluffy consistency, keeping your fingers clean and your bowls evenly distributed. Keep it simple and compact with just a top and a bottom to get the herb grinding job done.

The Cali Crusher is an impressive herb grinder at this price point and, needless to say, no metal flakes in your herb like the cheap knockoffs you find on the "marketplaces". Life's too short for garbage like that.

Cali Crusher OG Grinders 2 Piece Feature:
* CNC Machined from solid aluminum
* Anodized Purple finish
* Classic diamond cut blades for crushing
* Textured lid for easy grip
* Magnetic top chamber
* 2 inch diameter allows transport by pocket.

Cali Crushers are Guaranteed Authentic when purchased at 1 Percent
Cali Crusher Grinders

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