Charlie Mini Glass Stryder Pipe

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Pocket sized elegant glass pipe with hints of the Shire
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The Mini Stryder Glass Pipe from Charlie Glass in NC is a pocket friendly shire favorite for smoking fans of Aragorn from the Lord of the Rings.

This Mini Stryder is maybe the perfect glass hand pipe when sitting in front of a camp fire with a nice sized bowl, a lovely shape and cooling pathway. Two glass nubs for feet keep it upright and 3 more dots on the side for a secure grip and a touch of class. Carb on the opposite.

The Glass Mini Stryder pipe from Charlie Glass measures up at around 3.5 inches long and stands about 2 inches tall when upright on a flat surface. Perfect for travel unlike it's 9 inch long big brother, the full size Stryder.

Handblown means each and every glass pipe is unique. That's a good thing :-)

Handblown in the USA (NC)