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Clear Acrylic Dugout w/Poker

by: RYOT

Clear Acrylic Dugout Open Zoom

Clear Acrylic Dugout w/Poker

by: RYOT
Large transparent RYOT dugout with one hitter bat & poker

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This RYOT Dugout smoking system with a transparent acrylic body, has a dual-purpose magnetic anodized aluminum twist top lid. This not only keeps the lid closed but also secures a poker in the bottom.

Same size as your standard dugout, each consists of a box, a poker, and a cigarette style one hitter bat. Two compartments; one contains the cigarette bat, the other is used to store your herbal material. The poker and lid is held in place by an internal magnet. All precision machined and finished to a crystal clear.

dugout smokingTo use, twist open the lid of the RYOT Dugout, remove the one hitter bat, push the bat into the herb storage compartment and give it a twist. This will fill the end of the one hitter with enough smoking material for one hit. When finished, simply use the included poker to clear the ash, replace the cigarette and poker, and twist close it up.

Dugout smoking systems complete with one hitters are ideal for when you are trying to cutback on tobacco smoking. Also works great for toking all kinds of legal herbs. Clear dugouts are especially useful if you're Wonder Woman and you fly around in an invisible jet.

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Review by Marcia
  • 5.0
Great product
wow great customer service and products.
Review by daniel
  • 5.0
Best bday gift ever! My girl loves it. Ryots craftsmanship on this is top notch. When i was looking for a dugout for myself i came across this but chose another. Now I'm a bit jealous. Thanks guys!
Review by Curtis
  • 5.0
love it!
Best dugout I ever bought!
Review by Nathan
  • 5.0
Could not be happier
Review by Alex
  • 4.0
Comes with a metal cig bat. Looks like glass and is really cool, well designed. The magnets are all sized correctly so they have a good strength for there purpose. The lid looks like it is a little off but I bet they are all like that and its not major.
Review by Deb
  • 5.0
I've waited a long time for this product! I can see what's inside, and the poker is genius!
Review by Donald
  • 5.0
Very nice product
Very well built and the clear is very different . I am happy as always with your products
Review by Josh
  • 5.0
Nice Job
Good dugout, I had 3 years of the dugout before broke, totally my fault. First I clean it with alcohol (big no no). It started hairline cracks but I still used for ~2 years until I dropped it broke the lid maybe if wouldn't have brittle with alcohol I would still using it today
Review by Tim
  • 4.0
Good to Go
Great company to deal with. Being a Katoys fan I decided to go for it. Love it! A 4 star only rating due to the very small container side. Come on RYOT You Can Do It !!
Review by Balan
  • 5.0
Simply Great
RYOT's dugouts are cleverly designed and great if you're on the go, and this is the crown jewel of the product line (the aluminium one is just as aesthetically pleasing, but noticeably heavier). You'll always know if you're running low, and to the untrained eye, it looks like a surreal paperweight.
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1-10 of 21 Reviews

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