Clipper RAW Mini Tube Lighters Tray/24

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24 RAW Clipper Tube Lighters on wholesale tray
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RAW along with Clipper Lighters delivers this extended tube mini lighter for creating some distance between the flame and fingers! Black metal with classic RAW design below.

Like most clipper lighters this one is refillable. Unlike other Clippers this has an adjustable flame controller. Measuring up with a 4.3 inch reach while still remaining pocket friendly for the win.

These Clipper Mini Tube Lighters are definitely not your average lighter. Clippers are famous for their reliability and quality. Each one is made in Spain from a super strong nylon material instead of cheap plastic. Won't crack and explode like cheap lighters. 1000's of lights from each one, opens beers with ease and it's refillable. These tube lighters come with an electronic ignition so no need to replace a flint.

Clipper lighters have a high recycled content incorporated in each. If that wasn't enough, every time you refill you save a liter of oil over buying a new lighter.

Made in Spain (not China)