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Clipper Flint Wheel 2 Pack

Replacement Clipper Flint Wheel System for Clipper Lighters Zoom


Clipper Flint Wheel 2 Pack

Replace the entire flint wheel / poker in your Clipper Lighter

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Clipper flint wheel / pokers are now available to extend the life of your Clipper Lighter. If you want to refresh your Clipper lighter or replace a poker that got lost then just pick up a 2 pack of these flint wheel systems and keep the flame going. Each pack includes 2 Clipper flint wheel systems which is a fully functioning flint wheel complete with flint already installed. Fits snugly in all the standard sized Clipper Lighters we sell.

Pair these genuine Clipper replacement flint wheels with a can of the finest Vector butane and you too can be an eco friendly Firestarter. Don't lose that Clipper and you're covered for years without unnecessarily killing a sea turtle with all the plastic waste.

Clipper Lighters

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