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Clipper Super Lighter

Clipper Super Lighter Zoom

Clipper Super Lighter

Famous refillable lighter with Super Lighter design

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Clipper Lighters are definitely not your average lighter. Clippers are famous for their reliability and quality. Each one is made in Spain from a super strong nylon material instead of cheap plastic. Won't crack and explode like cheap lighters. 3000 lights from each one, opens beers w/ease, integrated poker and it's refillable.

Clipper lighters have a high recycled content incorporated in each. If that wasn't enough, every time you refill you save a liter of oil over buying a new lighter.

Looks like these Super Lighters are no more but we carry many more great Clipper designs.

Made in Spain
Clipper Lighters

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Review by Drewster
  • 1.0
Not Refillable by any means known to me
Great lighter, but I can't find any way to refill these.

This review is specific to the "solid" lighters.

I got some of these in March of last year, on the supposition that they were refillable. And I got some in my last order (received today) in the hopes that the design had improved. Well, the large ones don't seem to be. They have a red pin in them, without any hole, and no butane tank adapter I have (and I've many, and I've been using butane for over 20 years) fits them. All that happens (at best) is nothing, and (at worst) the whole assembly simply pushes into the lighter, and that's that.

The smaller, silver ones are refillable, as are (maybe) the other mini lighters, and, for all I know, those with images printed on them are, as well, but if anyone can tell me what to do to refill these regular size lighters, I'd be very happy to learn.
Review by Brenda
  • 4.0
Perfect size
Love the attached tool. I have to make sure I leave with it cuz everybody wants it!
Review by Aimless
  • 5.0
Love it!
Best lighter for stoners. Love the secret bowl tool!
Review by Sam
  • 5.0
Definitely a super lighter
Durable, refillable, better flame than Bic, more consistent lighting, replacable flint. Why would you buy any other lighter?
Review by Mr. Whoopie
  • 5.0
It really is a SUPER lighter!
C'mon, this one's a no brainer folks! It's the same price or cheaper than a disposable ... fits MUCH better in a pack of cigs than your standard bic ... and it lights a perfect flame every time. Definitely gonna pick up some more of these - the other designs look really cool!
Review by dazyjayne
  • 5.0
Great price and beats bic!
Lighter works great and price was always with 1%!
Love 1%
Review by Neil
  • 5.0
Super clipper lighter
Great lighter. Very reliable
Review by mylilsin
  • 5.0
Better than Bic
Refillable and comes with a lighters ever.
Review by steven
  • 1.0
Not worth the plastic it's made from. In fact I WILL NOT bother to refill them, I will trash them and move on. That bad.
Review by O
  • 5.0
No need for any other lighter. Just refill and go.
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1-10 of 12 Reviews

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