Club Modiano Rolling Papers

by Club
30 reviews
Ultra-thin, ungummed single width rice rolling paper from Club
Club Modiano are an ultra-thin, ungummed rice rolling paper in a single width paper that leaves no ash when burned. So fine and baby soft.

Roll these Club Rolling Papers up with a 70mm or larger rolling machine, auto roll box or just roll by hand.

Update: Club Papers are available in the US once again :-). Packaging and art were recently updated by Club with new packaging (no longer square) and no more Professor :-(. That said, they're the same ungummed rolling papers long time users have come to love.
No Gum
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  • 5
    Rolling papers

    Posted by Mike S on May 03, 2024

    I have used them for years and still find them the best papers available.

  • 5

    Posted by Ro Le on Aug 01, 2022

    Great customer service...helpful

  • 5
    Still The Best

    Posted by Genof on Apr 24, 2022

    Been rolling with the Professor for five decades now and still nothing is better. This size and other gum less Clubs are the only way to roll. Do the paper burn test. Burn a Club and then the other paper. How much residue is left. You’ll see immediately which one is best. Smoke weed not phone books over a lifetime.

  • 5
    Club papers

    Posted by Tom Armour on Feb 28, 2022

    Good to find again. Had used before and not able to get where I live. Would like to find metal case now.

  • 5
    Happy old hippie!

    Posted by JustADude2U on Aug 31, 2021

    "I used these rolling for years until they stopped making them. Then,I hear news that a company is making them again. These papers leave no ash and have no glue. If you can master rolling with these rice paper rolling papers which are “light as a butterfly’s wing”,these are superior. Quick shipping,great prices. I’ll be back! Thank you 1percent! You’ve made this dude happy! Peace ✌"

  • 5
    Art work I still have my first pack

    Posted by Eugene on Jun 08, 2021

    Been around these for 40 yrs. then couldn’t find them any more Thank you love them

  • 2
    I tried

    Posted by Timothy on May 03, 2019

    "Not for me,but I'm sure they work if you do it right? Puzzling papers."

  • 3
    where are the square ones?

    Posted by Jeffrey on May 12, 2016

    these are too small...

  • 3
    Too small

    Posted by Jeffrey on May 12, 2016

    "I miss the old square ones,do you have those?"

  • 5
    Best papers

    Posted by harposleg on Jan 12, 2016

    Have loved these since I started using them some 20 years ago.