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Cone Artist Cone Roller

Cone Artist Joint Filler Roller Stuffer Zoom

Cone Artist Cone Roller

Super easy cone rolling and joint filling

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This one-of-a-kind cone rolling and joint filling tool helps you roll perfectly cone shaped smokes quickly and effortlessly and fill them without waste. Anyone can master the art of rolling a Dutch style joint with this new gadget.

The Cone Artist is also great for filling and stuffing all pre-rolled cones from RAW Rolling Papers and other rolling paper companies. Fills all standard sizes of cone joints.

Invented by the Swedish!

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Review by Brixton
  • 5.0
Perfect for rolling joints
I’ve always struggled rolling joints because my left arm was paralyzed at birth so this makes it possible for me to roll
Review by A123
  • 5.0
great product
great quality and useful product
Review by Walter
  • 5.0
You need this
The cone artist is lightweight, durable, and the best way to stuff cones, imo!
Review by Christian
  • 5.0
Essential Tool
A must have to make Perfect Cones every time...
Review by Alisha
  • 4.0
Handy Tool... sort of!
if you use the cup to scoop little by little, then you can pack it fine, but if you fill even half the cup, it ends up being too much to pack at a time. also, i wish it had some sort of silicone or some such thing to grip, however it's a really hand tool to have to roll your own (i like to buy them pre-made but sometimes that's cost prohibitive). better than the paintbrush and a prayer i was using!

be aware it's basically useless to fill 1 1/4 or smaller because the cone isn't wide enough at the opening, but the tool is perfect size for packing those ones. i like it better than the plastic or cardboard they usually come with.
Review by Brenda J
  • 5.0
Roll like a pro
Makes it painless to ryo. Wrap it and fill it. Tamp it down and you have a perfect roll.
Review by Nick
  • 3.0
It's ok
Honestly I thought this was such a good product but it was kind of a waste of time. You could pack a cone faster with an index card. It only really fits for the king size cones. Doesn't fit at all with the smaller cones. The orange stick is still useful for packing and patting down the cones.
Review by JEFF
  • 2.0
what a waste of time
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1-8 of 9 Reviews

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