Crafty+ Vaporizer USB-C

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Latest Plus version of the Craft vape w/ USB-C; from the makers of the Volcano

Introducing the latest Crafty+ Vaporizer from the maker of the infamous Volcano, Storz and Bickel. Free Insured Shipping (cont US only) with every Crafty+ Vaporizer @1 Percent!

What's New with the Crafty+

25% Faster Charging with USB-C
Ceramic bowl

And what was already great about the Crafty+
30% Faster heat-up
New, slick design for optimized grip and feel
Improved housing material
Super-Boost: Triple-pressing power button gets you to max temp of 210°C (410°F)
Improved electronics and optimized circuit board
2 year warranty + 1 year warranty upon registration

Please note: While the STORZ & BICKEL App has been pulled from the Apple App Store, the settings on the CRAFTY+ can now also be adjusted through a WebApp. Details in the box.

The Crafty+ Vaporizer from the makers of the Volcano, Storz & Bickel, delivers the highest quality vapor in a sleek, handheld package. Rated #1 Portable Vaporizer the year it was released by just about everybody (including Wired Magazine) it's better than ever with the Plus edition. Without hesitation, we recommend German quality over the cheap chinese Pax any day of the week. There are probably other new crap vapes out there by now but why bother?

The Crafty+ incorporates several cutting-edge thermal engineering features, enhancing the vaporization experience. This lithium-ion battery powered unit fits right in your pocket. A one-button control turns the Crafty on and it heats automatically to the default temperature of 356°F (180°C). When the desired temperature is reached, it is signaled through a short double-vibration and the LED lights change from red to green. The Crafty vape can also be controlled by the Free Web App and/or Android native apps turning your device into the remote control.

The Crafty+ Vaporizer is hand-crafted in Germany by Storz & Bickel, the makers of the Volcano Vaporizer lines as well as the hand held, Plenty Vaporizer. Their long track record of the finest quality and German Engineering speaks for itself. 1 Percent first imported Volcanos in 2003!

The Crafty+'s vapor quality is similar to the Volcano: dense, aromatic and pure. The effective vapor production system makes for an enjoyable experience without the learning curve found in other vaporizers.

Included with the Crafty+ Vaporizer:
CRAFTY+ Vaporizer Unit
USB-C Cable
3x Base Seal Ring, small
3x Normal Screen, small
3x Coarse Screen, small
Dosing Capsule
Cleaning Brush
Crafty+ Instructions

Weighing in at only 0.3 pounds and measuring 2.2” (L) x 4.3” (H) x 1.3” (W), it is one compact and silent vaporizer.

Storz & Bickel warranties the Crafty+ Vape for 2 full years when purchased through an authorized distributor. Crafty Plus Germans!

This item can generally only ship to the address listed on your credit card account if you're a first time customer -or- can be paid for in advance with Bitcoin/Ethereum/etc., personal check or money order. Discounts not applicable on Volcano products as per manufacturer requirements.

Made in Germany