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CVault Storage Container - Large

Cvault Herb Storage large stainless steel Zoom

CVault Storage Container - Large

Airtight humidity controlled storage that locks in freshness

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CVault invented the world’s smartest storage container; No thinking required. The humidity controlled storage system for herbs that’s changing everything!

The CVault is an airtight, lightproof, humidity controlled stainless steel stash container that works perfectly with the included 62% Humidipak®. Locking clasps are easy to open when you want and keep your herbal product airtight when stored. silicone gasket and a perfectly sized holder for the two way humidity system from Humidipak. All this adds up to maintenance free results you are going to love.

Included with every CVault storage container is a Humidipak tuned to 62% humidity. A patented 2-way humidity control technology, the Humidipak eliminates the humidity spikes and even the slightest fluctuations in humidity, preventing your herbs from losing any oils, character or flavor. The components of the Humidipak are natural elements: salt and pure water. There are no chemicals used within and all ingredients are food grade approved. The Humidipak only allows pure water vapor in and out.

Ready To Go : Each large CVault comes with two (2) each 8 gram 62% Boveda®, place your product into the CVault and lock in freshness.

The CVault is constructed of 18/10 food grade stainless steel; it is an airtight container that is impenetrable by light. Lightweight and durable; this is "the ultimate storage solution container".

Dimensions :
Interior Diameter: 4.75" or 12 CM
Depth / Height: 2.5" or 6.5 CM

Lid Design:
1/4 inch wide silicone seal to ensure an airtight seal.
Top of lid can be written on with a NON-PERMANENT marker and relabeled as vault contents change.
Pak holder specifically designed to hold your Boveda 62% humidifier.

Latch Design: Engineered to provide an airtight seal; locking in product freshness.
CVault Storage

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Review by Rick
  • 5.0
This rocks!
These are one fine storage container, well built.
Review by Nick
  • 5.0
Long Time Mason Jar User
The Large holds more than 50g. I usually put one oz in a jar. I assume it holds more simply from the tub design rather than cylinder jar. After three weeks or so of use I am satisfied. Seems to cure and keep fresh as advertised. Great that it keeps the herb in darkness. Makes storage easier. One mason jar couldn't fit in may lockbox with the lid closed. This fits double the amount and fits easily into my box. Liked this so much I bought a small one for every day use. The small holds around 20g.
Review by Rusty
  • 5.0
Thanks for your wonderful service
This is a great item. Looks classy, easy to use and does what it is intended for. I would recommend it and am planning on getting another soon for a friend
Review by Tim
  • 5.0
Nice storage
For the price plus the humidi packs it's a great deal. I'll do a check with my cigar humidor gauge just to see what the relative humidity averages. This size canister holds over an oz comfortably. Fast shipping as always.
thx 1 percent
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9-12 of 12 Reviews

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