Cyclones Clear Blueberry Blunt Cone x2

26 reviews
The perfect blunt cone shape but without the work or the tobacco.
The new Cyclones Pre-Rolled Transparent Blunt Cones are finally available. For those who want the perfect blunt cone shape but without the work or the tobacco. A built in paper filter tip adds to the convenience. One pre-rolled Blueberry flavored cone in each reusable container makes one invisible blunt and transports it safely to the party.

This clear blunt contains no tobacco. Smooth burning Asiatic Cotton Mallow. Blueberry Flavored.

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  • 5
    So cool

    Posted by Tyler on Oct 20, 2020

    Wicked cool works good too

  • 3
    Tastes of plastic

    Posted by Mick on Dec 01, 2019

    "Not a fan. On the plus side,this does burn slowly and evenly,didn't run at all. I like the look of the clear paper,you can see the green and it looks nice. I think it even helps with the packing when you can see how tight or loose it is. It does taste faintly of blueberry... if you can get beyond the taste of plastic. My wife was in the other room and said it smelled like burning plastic. I personally found it to be harsher than most papers. Not buying again."

  • 4
    Smoke good

    Posted by Kevin on Jan 24, 2017

    A little small but they burn well. Don't have a strong flavor and don't pop while you smoke them.

  • 3
    "mmmm,not a fan"

    Posted by Evan on Jun 12, 2016

    "I really wanted to like these,but they're just too strange compared to the rice papers I'm accustomed to. Makes me think of thin plastic."

  • 5
    Easy and tasty

    Posted by Bruce on Dec 27, 2015

    Great cone. A little smaller but perfect for a personal or sharing with a few friends! Not heavy on the flavor which is what I prefer! Seems less harsh then most papers!

  • 4
    Does the trick

    Posted by Eric on Sep 07, 2015

    "A little harsh,but I expect that from clear blunt cones. All in all,does the trick."

  • 3
    Love these

    Posted by Seth on Mar 10, 2015

    "These cones were really easy to load. The flavor was okay,but they definitely smelled better than they tasted. "

  • 2
    These were ok.

    Posted by Serene on Mar 07, 2015

    I tried these because I was fascinated with clear papers however I didn't like the fact that they popped in your face and burned a lil quick. Plus u can taste plastic.

  • 3
    Weird but differnt

    Posted by Madtrippinfool on Feb 13, 2015

    I had never used a prerolled cone before this. It was really easy to fill. The clear cone is so weird to me. I didn't notice any fruit flavor but it burned well.

  • 2
    Always wanted to try

    Posted by Mat on Jan 12, 2015

    Always wanted to try a cone. Should have bought something other than plastic. You can taste a slight hint of plastic and the blueberry is very fake and makes everything taste slightly off.