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Cyclones Clear Blunt Cone x2

The perfect blunt cone shape but without the work or the tobacco.
Cyclones Clear Blunt Cone
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Cyclones Clear Blunt Cone


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Cyclones Clear Blunt Cone Box/24

Cyclones Clear Blunt Cone Box/24


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24 packs per box @ $0.91/pack
You Save $18.61 by the Box


The Cyclones Pre-Rolled Transparent Blunt Cones are for those who want the perfect blunt cone shape but without the work or the tobacco. A built in paper filter tip adds to the convenience. One pre-rolled cone in each reusable container makes one invisible blunt and transports it safely to the party.

This 2 pack of clear pre-rolled cone blunts contains no tobacco. Smooth burning Asiatic Cotton Mallow.
Type: Vegetal search for more Vegetal rolling papers Leaves/Pack: 2
Size: n/a Packs/Box: 24
Origin: Phillippines Glue: No Gum

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Review by jason
  • 2.0
There not terrible . My opinion the things are way to short because the tip inside is way to long . The filter takes up a 1/3 of its size plus you lose a little “towacko” because the inside of the filter sits lower then the paper wrapped around it . Oh well I guess
Review by Kristi
  • 5.0
I love Cyclones and love these ones! Happy with my purchase!
Review by Tim
  • 5.0
Cyclone clear blunt cone
Tried these in Asia a few years ago. I like the plain cones vs flavored and this brand of clear cones suit my needs.
Easy to fill, very slow burn and (for me anyways) no chemical taste, just the product I fill.
Review by Blizzy
  • 5.0
Plan on buying more.
They're so thin and transparent and the burned great, I couldn't ask for a better cone. And there's 2 per tube!
Review by Ryan
  • 3.0
Weird taste
Apparently they're not plastic, but they taste funky
Review by frankenstone
  • 4.0
Smoke less
Great, less smoke from cone, burned great, better buzz w/cheap " toebacko", wink!
Review by Anarkay
  • 1.0
The filter's hole is way too big. I don't know a lot of people who loves to smoke and have a chunk of tobacco in their mouth. I didn't have issues with the 1st one I used but the second one just exploded in my hands while I was trying to pack the stuff in.

I suggest the customers to buy some glass papers and roll their own blunts instead buying these...
Review by Justine
  • 1.0
Burns fast,constantly turns off
This was a waste everytime I lit it turned after 1 hit and burned way to quick
Review by Barbara
  • 5.0
Love, love, love
All the Cyclones are great......nice change of pace
Review by Annie
  • 1.0
I hated this product.
I hate these. The see thru material is a thin plastic. When it burns, it stinks.
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1-10 of 12 Reviews

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