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D-NAIL Analog Oil Vaporizer v2.0

D-NAIL Analog Oil Vaporizer v2.0 with Highly Educated Ti Domeless Nail Zoom

D-NAIL Analog Oil Vaporizer v2.0

16mm Coil + Highly Educated Ti Nail

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The 2.0 Version of the D-NAIL analog oil vaporizer is easily one of the best electronic nails out there. Dial in your heater temperature and adjust to the temperature of your choosing. All components are also compatible with the D-Nail digital when you're ready to upgrade.

Each D-Nail from 1 Percent includes the OG Domeless Titanium Nail by Highly Educated. The HE OG is a 2-piece threaded domeless nail. It's perfect for the 16mm Heating Coil, and it fits into a 14mm or 18mm FEMALE joint, OR a 10mm MALE joint on your favorite dab rig. Just use a drop down if you have a larger male joint.

Each D-Nail electronic nail Includes:
- D-NAiL V2 Analog Controller
- Highly Educated OG Domeless titanium nail (14/18F, 10M)
- D-NAiLĀ® 16mm Coil Heater (Kanthal nichrome) with kevlar sheath
- Instruction Manual

2 Year Warranty against failure on all electronic components, including one reduced price heater replacement.

All D-Nail electronic nails are assembled in New York state. Every component is either built, designed, or both in America, Canada, or Europe. They take this as seriously as we do :-)

Made in USA (NY)
D-NAIL Vaporizers

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