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Extreme Q Digital Vaporizer

by: Arizer

Extreme Q Vaporizer Zoom

Extreme Q Digital Vaporizer

by: Arizer
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The latest Extreme Vaporizer by Arizer, the Extreme Q vaporizer (v4.0) is a multi-function digital vaporizer with both direct-inhale (w/vapor whip) or balloon style vaporizer (similar to Volcano Vaporizers). Included are both a 3 foot whip and a balloon system and everything you need to get started vaporizing.

The Extreme incorporates a 3-speed fan, which allows you to select your favorite speed. The Extreme vaporizer even includes a remote control from which you can set a sleep timer (no more forgetting it on), dim the LED's and set the temperature from across the room. After you're done it even functions as a potpourri warmer, an essential oil diffuser, or an aromatherapy device when not being used as a vaporizer.

V-Tower Extreme Vaporizer with digital controls and remote controlIncludes All Accessories:
  • 1 Remote Control
  • 2 Balloons
  • 1 Mini whip for balloons
  • 1 Three foot whip
  • 2 Extra Interchangeable Mouthpieces
  • 1 Potpourri Dish
  • 2 Cyclone Bowls
  • 1 Glass Stirring Tool
  • Extra Screens
  • Complete Instructions

  • Latest Features of the New Extreme Q Vaporizer
  • New Quieter Fan (77% quieter)
  • New ‘Midnight Chrome’ finish
  • Sleeker, more compact design
  • New THREE Year Warranty
  • New clear view LCD Screen
  • New ‘Fast Heat’ ceramic heating
  • Triple Heat Sensors for more precise temperature control
  • Redesigned Solid State Circuitry
  • 50% more energy efficient

  • Warranty: The new Extreme Q Vaporizer comes with a Lifetime Warranty on the heater, and Three Years Parts and Labor on the unit itself (glass not included). Replacement Extreme vaporizer glass parts are available at 1 Percent

    110/220 Volt for Worldwide Use (includes US/CA plug). 6 5/8 inches tall with a diameter that goes from 6 3/8 inches at the base to 2 3/4 inches at the top. UL and International Safety Standards Approved. 1 Percent is an approved distributor of all Arizer vaporizers. Made in Canada

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    Review by Stanley
    • 5.0
    Outstanding product
    I'm new to using vape bags and I totally understand the decades of hype now!

    By the time you fill and disconnect a bag (just put your finger on top of the glass bag mouthpiece until you are ready to inhale), the temperature has essentially stabilized inside. When inhaling/pulling from hoses on standard desktop vaporizers, you still get that occasional hotspot of air that can make you cough. This was never a frequent issue for me personally, but it is not an issue at all with bag systems like the Extreme Q.

    Being designed and assembled in Canada seems to kick up the build quality a bit, which is nice and important to me. Especially from a more ethical manufacturing standpoint, again, personal ethical matter.

    Overall, if you cannot afford a Volcano yet (an I cannot), this is an excellent substitute. The only downside is not having valve bags, but I really cannot see that as a make or break issue when considering whether or not to purchase this. I'm sure the included hose/whip works well, but I presently do not have much of a reason to use it.

    Personal tip: let the device heat up (I start at 375-380F and work up to 400F before clearing) for 20 min on a set speed before filling a bag, then fill on fan speed 1 (this should take 3-5 minutes).
    Review by Rodney
    • 5.0
    Great Vape
    Really impressed with the Extreme Q. It does a great job and is convenient to use.
    Review by Bruce
    • 5.0
    Very nice, high quality
    I am really enjoying my Extreme Q. It is well built and easy to use. I've been using the balloons and have no issues.
    Review by Lovely Maui
    • 3.0
    Not my style
    I really didn't like this product. It changes the taste of the herb and I never felt like I was getting high. Gave to my ex and he loves it! To each his own.
    Review by Kevin
    • 5.0
    Well worth the price
    This is well worth the price! I've smoked for 45+ years and began to worry a little about the effects on my lungs. Researched vaporizers and tried the Magic Flight hand held one. Although it works well, I was ready for something more precise. The Extreme Q is perfect. After a little getting used to, it works better than I expected. Easy to use and clean (infrequently), and I really believe I'm not damaging my lungs anymore. Should have done this way sooner. I know it may seem pricey, but it's worth it. You won't be disappointed.
    Review by Yori
    • 4.0
    1st time user
    Works good was disappointed that it had very few instructions especially on what temp or range works best. through trial and error I do ok. I see some people have used it anywhere from 195 to 500 degrees that's a pretty broad range.
    Review by Larry
    • 5.0
    Great Vape
    Great vape. Better than any other vaporizer that I have ever used. 3 levels of intake fan, very cool.
    Review by John
    • 5.0
    I'm a Combustion Guy
    This thing is great if you like the effects of vaping. I tried it - I gave it away after a two year trial. Everyone that used it loved it; multi temps, multi speeds, very easy to use. Actually had my friends draw straws to see who go the freebie.
    Review by John
    • 5.0
    Works as it should
    Not sure what to say, it's my first box vape so not much to compare to, but I don't imagine it getting much better than this! the bag method rocks!
    Review by Selveno
    • 5.0
    Very effective and reliable
    This is my first vaporizer and I couldn't be happier. The LED readout is awesome and the remote is super convenient. Unfortunately when using it as an oil difusor it got oil in the heating element and there's no way to replace it but before that happened it functioned perfectly. A must have for home based vape unit.
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    1-10 of 39 Reviews

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