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Formula 420 All Natural

Formula 420 Glass Pipe Cleaner Natural Zoom

Formula 420 All Natural

All Natural Glass Cleaner for your favorite glass pipes

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This special Formula 420 is how you clean your favorite glass pipes with 100% All Natural ingredients. Formula 420 All Natural only takes 1 Minute to clean, deodorize, and sanitize your glass. It's easy to use. Simply Shake, Rinse and Enjoy! Nothing better than a clean glass waterpipe or hand pipe.

Without a doubt, Formula 420 All Natural is the easiest way to clean your glass pipe naturally.

Ships UPS Ground only and only in the US since Formula 420 is a cleaning product. No Shipping by UPS Express or USPS or all heck potentially breaks loose.
Formula 420

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Review by Dizzle
  • 5.0
A must have
No better way to keep your pieces clean
Review by Mike
  • 4.0
It works.
Works fast and is a must for acrylic b*ngs, but is just as effective on glass
Review by Tod
  • 2.0
It's some kind of salt-based cleaner that works about half as good as rubbing alcohol at 3 times the price (maybe more)...Save your money for better herbs
Review by jim
  • 5.0
Melts everything away in a minute
Review by Patrick
  • 4.0
Works fast cleans well, gets all the resin off. I recommend it.
Review by CK
  • 5.0
Works exactly as described. I was a bit skeptical, as "all natural" products never seem to work as well as the hardcore chemicals, but this stuff proved me wrong. No residue left behind!
Review by Lue
  • 5.0
As Always, works fast and effectively and leaves a great citrus aroma
Review by Todd
  • 5.0
No reason to buy a substitute
Works well. Works fast. Doesn't leave residue or odors or tastes behind. And it's all-natural. I think it's worth the extra couple bucks to avoid using synthetic man-made chemicals to clean something you're going to be burning plants inside of and inhaling from.
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1-8 of 9 Reviews

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