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Fumo Pipe Blue

by: Fumo Pipe

Fumo Pipe in Blue Zoom

Fumo Pipe Blue

by: Fumo Pipe
Hi tech steam roller pipe from Fumo

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The new Fumo Pipe is nothing less than an innovative smoking device. Flawless functionality, appearance and taste! A mix between a pipe and a steam roller. Light it like a pipe and clear it like a steam roller.

Smoke is cooled within the billet body, which acts as a natural heat sink. Fill the chamber to the volume you desire then when ready push the button and a rush of fresh air comes through to clear the chamber.

The Fumo Pipe Features:
* Simple one hand operation
* Easy To Clean (<1 minute to disassemble)
* Auto vacuum button (steam roller pipe)
* No clog screen (herbal material burns to ash and minimal cleaning required)
* Storage compartment under the bowl.
* 3 inch Standard Tube
* Highest quality Vitron O-rings

The Fumo Pipe was thoughtfully designed and has been thoroughly tested for function. Easy to use and super easy to clean and simple one handed operation. Fumo Pipes come in a variety of colors. Upgrade anytime with extra long tubes and party bowls; for those who like to share with a group.

All Fumo Pipe extension tube chambers are manufactured from polycarbonate making them super strong! The polycarbonate is extremely impact resistant creating a tube chamber that will not crack or break when dropped. Standard tubes are 3 inches long and 1 inch in diameter and are super easy to clean. Longer tubes are available from 6 inches all the way up to 18 inches.

The Fumo Pipe can be disassembled, cleaned and re-assembled in about a minute. You simply unscrew the bowl, pull out the button-carb mechanism, remove the chamber tube and run your cleaner through the pipe. Then simply put the chamber tube back on, install the button-carb mechanism, and screw the bowl back in.

Made in the USA (Colorado)
Fumo Pipe

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Review by Steve
  • 5.0
Super item.
Looks great, works great!!
Review by Sheila
  • 5.0
Blue fumo
This fumo is awesome. It makes smoking so easy. Simple to disassemble and clean. Love it !!
Review by p2sk
  • 5.0
Best pipe ever
I LOVE my Fumo. Love it! It burns efficiently and oh, so smoothly. I recommend grinding your herb, and buy extra parts (extra bowl, carb and screens). Everything is easily cleaned with a good soak in 91% alcohol. Yes, it's an investment, but such high quality it will last for many years.
Review by Mary
  • 5.0
Best Pipe Ever
Best pipe I have ever used. So simple to use. Load bowl, light, wait for chamber to fill with smoke and depress plunger which will pass smoke from chamber to mouth. Amazing product. Where you been all my life?
Review by Michael
  • 5.0
Great Smoke
35 year smoker here and this is the smoothest draw on a pipe. No coughing or hacking. Bought 3 and now ordering 2 more for friends. 1percent also a great web merchant, quick answers from customer service, fast shipping, my one stop shop!
Review by Mischele
  • 5.0
Best gift ever
My friends love their Fumo and were very thankful for such an awesome gift!
Review by Christopher
  • 5.0
Best pipe so far. Worth the price.
I think this will be the last Pipe I buy. I love this pipe. Hits great. The screens do need to be cleaned a lot. make them last and burn off the gunk a few times before completely replacing the screen. Use the Fumo screens only. The set flat in the bowl, which I like.
All around solid body and easy to clean. When it gets real dirty get some zip lock baggies and rubbing alcohol and put the body in one, carb and bowl in other, and tube in one. The alcoohol does most of the work. A few runs with the cleaning tool and wipe everything off and put back together and it is good to go. Very easy to clean. You can't go wrong with this design of this pipe. Can't wait to get some accessories for it!
Customer service was top notch with 1 Percent and Fumo.
Review by Randy
  • 5.0
Best Hit You Can Ever Get
Can't get a better hit with any other pipe. The screens do need to be changed according to usage but it's well worth it especially since 1 % had the good sense to reduce the price of the screens significantly. Thanks, 1 %
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1-8 of 16 Reviews

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