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Hi tech steam roller pipe from Fumo
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The new Fumo Pipe is nothing less than an innovative smoking device. Flawless functionality, appearance and taste! A mix between a pipe and a steam roller. Light it like a pipe and clear it like a steam roller.

Smoke is cooled within the billet body, which acts as a natural heat sink. Fill the chamber to the volume you desire then when ready push the button and a rush of fresh air comes through to clear the chamber.

The Fumo Pipe Features:
* Simple one hand operation
* Easy To Clean (<1 minute to disassemble)
* Auto vacuum button (steam roller pipe)
* No clog screen (herbal material burns to ash and minimal cleaning required)
* Storage compartment under the bowl.
* 3 inch Standard Tube
* Highest quality Vitron O-rings

The Fumo Pipe was thoughtfully designed and has been thoroughly tested for function. Easy to use and super easy to clean and simple one handed operation. Fumo Pipes come in a variety of colors. Upgrade anytime with extra long tubes and party bowls; for those who like to share with a group.

All Fumo Pipe extension tube chambers are manufactured from polycarbonate making them super strong! The polycarbonate is extremely impact resistant creating a tube chamber that will not crack or break when dropped. Standard tubes are 3 inches long and 1 inch in diameter and are super easy to clean. Longer tubes are available from 6 inches all the way up to 18 inches.

The Fumo Pipe can be disassembled, cleaned and re-assembled in about a minute. You simply unscrew the bowl, pull out the button-carb mechanism, remove the chamber tube and run your cleaner through the pipe. Then simply put the chamber tube back on, install the button-carb mechanism, and screw the bowl back in.

Made in the USA (Colorado)


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    Best gift ever

    Posted by Mischele on Dec 14, 2016

    My friends love their Fumo and were very thankful for such an awesome gift!

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    Best pipe so far. Worth the price.

    Posted by Christopher on Nov 28, 2016

    "I think this will be the last Pipe I buy. I love this pipe. Hits great. The screens do need to be cleaned a lot. make them last and burn off the gunk a few times before completely replacing the screen. Use the Fumo screens only. The set flat in the bowl,which I like.<br> All around solid body and easy to clean. When it gets real dirty get some zip lock baggies and rubbing alcohol and put the body in one,carb and bowl in other,and tube in one. The alcoohol does most of the work. A few runs with the cleaning tool and wipe everything off and put back together and it is good to go. Very easy to clean. You can't go wrong with this design of this pipe. Can't wait to get some accessories for it!<br>Customer service was top notch with 1 Percent and Fumo."

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    Best Hit You Can Ever Get

    Posted by Randy on Jul 27, 2015

    "Can't get a better hit with any other pipe. The screens do need to be changed according to usage but it's well worth it especially since 1 % had the good sense to reduce the price of the screens significantly. Thanks,1 %"

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    Best pipe EVAR!!!!

    Posted by Seth on Jul 28, 2014

    One of the best purchases i've made in a while...

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    A bit overpriced

    Posted by Janean on Feb 24, 2014

    A bit overpriced but does F.I.T. our needs with the smaller bowl even though we did get the bigger bowl also but would have been much better to position the carburetor on the side so my finger is not in the way of the bowl when lighting & seeing the bowl but the size and smaller bowl is mighty fine !!

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    "Fantastic,Requires Cleaning!"

    Posted by Kyzer on Feb 12, 2014

    "Now that I've spent some time with the fumo pipe I figured I can now give a pretty accurate review. This thing hits like a beast,is super convenient,and is relatively easy to clean. The only thing that could be improved on is the design which kind of doesn't allow the pipe to reliably be placed upon a flat surface without instability. This pipe gunks up fast (makes sense considering the monstrous hits),so be sure to buy some extra filters and you'll have an easier time cleaning it if you just do it regularly. I also recommend an extended pipe and the party bowl,both of which have become bread and butter of my fumo pipe. The standard is pretty small,and you'd be hard pressed to milk it very much before you're really just inhaling."

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    Perfect Experience

    Posted by Clayton on Jan 28, 2014

    "Fantastic product. Great engineering,fast delivery. Easiest piece to clean that I own. Burns efficient. I'm very please. Slightly smaller than I expected,but turned out great."

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    Great pipe and fast delivery

    Posted by Kayla on Jan 17, 2014

    " I bought the fumo pipe for my boyfriend for his birthday and he just absolutely loves the fumo!! This site has been so far the best and they also give you baggies to keep the bud fresh and they have never let me down. Very fast delivering,got it in within a week and nothing was broken and everything was packaged nicely. The fumo again has been one of the best pieces that we have used and its so much easier to clean!"

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    Best pipe ever?

    Posted by Jaclyn on Dec 25, 2013

    "My wife got this for me for Christmas. This is by far the best pipe I have ever smoked on. Don't get me wrong,steamrollers and bongs are great,but this combines those 2 with a metal pipe which is awesome. Soooo smooth the hits are. I haven't cleaned it yet but it doesn't look like it will be very difficult. I love it!!!"

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    Great pipe

    Posted by Brenda J on Nov 01, 2013

    I bought this for a cousin. He fell in love with it when he tried mine. This is my 3rd buy of a fumo pipe. Sent one to my other cousin where we vacation every yr. It was the hit of the party! Highly recommend it.