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Fumo Pipe Extension Tubes

by: Fumo Pipe

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Fumo Pipe Extension Tubes

by: Fumo Pipe
Tube upgrades available from 6 to 18 inches long

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Fumo Pipe extension tubes take an already great hit and make it that much bigger.

Smoke is cooled within the billet body, which acts as a natural heat sink. Fill the chamber to the volume you desire then when ready push the button and a rush of fresh air comes through to clear the chamber. 6 inch tube delivers double the smoke, 9 inch triple and the 12 inch delivers a whopping 4 times. 18 inches is... you get the idea. All super easy to use considering the simple to use one button Fumo Pipe clearance system.

Upgrade anytime with these extra long tubes; for those who like to share with a group or desire to fill their lungs to the max. An extension tube and the Fumo Party Bowl are the two upgrades many hard core Fumo owners make without a second thought.

All Fumo Pipe extension tube chambers are manufactured from polycarbonate making them super strong! The polycarbonate is extremely impact resistant and heat resistant creating a tube chamber that will not crack or break when dropped. Standard tubes are 1" in diameter with a flared mouthpiece and are super easy to clean.

To upgrade your Fumo Pipe just pop off the included 3 inch tube and slide one of these longer ones on there. Also fits the Incredibowl m420 Mini pipe.

Made in the USA (Colorado)
Fumo Pipe

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1-8 of 27 Reviews

Review by Michael
  • 4.0
A must have
The extension tube made the Fumo pipe a better pipe, I can get a good hit now
Review by Bobb
  • 5.0
Get The Tube...
I got the 9" tube for my Fumo pipe.

Really cools the smoke nice and works great with the larger party bowl.
Review by PAUL
  • 5.0
Great tube/3" is also great!
Fumo Pipe is the smoothest pipe I have ever used, even better than a bong.
Review by Mischele
  • 5.0
Highly recommend getting a longer length to use with your Fumo. Makes for a larger but just as smooth of a hit as the 3" length.
Review by Amy
  • 5.0
love ❤ it.
Love it works great.
Review by Arnt
  • 5.0
Extra tube should all have
6 "tube works well, but 9" is the ideal tube for Fumo
Review by A Nonymous
  • 5.0
You'll at least want one.
If you have the Fumo Pipe, or are considering one (excellent choice), I highly recommend getting at least one extension tube. The pipe comes with a 3" tube. I got the 6' which gives me a lot more "kick" when I want it, and arguably can give me a smoother hit than the 3" tube does when taking a "lighter draw". Longer than the 6"tube , you might want to have someone to share with, the 6" extension gives plenty big hits, especially if you're by yourself.
Review by Kevin T.
  • 5.0
Good service
Longer tubes prove stronger, powerful.
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1-8 of 27 Reviews

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