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Fumo Pipe Poker Tool

by: Fumo Pipe

Fumo Pipe Extension Tubes Zoom

Fumo Pipe Poker Tool

by: Fumo Pipe
Replacement of the original poker from Fumo Pipe

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Have you lost that precision machined Fumo Poker that came with your Fumo Pipe? We got you covered with this new replacement direct from Fumo.

As a Fumo user you know that only the original stainless steel Fumo Poker Tool will do. Just like the one that came with your Fumo when new, this replacement poker is 3.125" long.

Replace your Fumo tube anytime with these genuine replacements. Fumo Pipe tube chambers are manufactured from polycarbonate making them super strong! The polycarbonate is extremely impact resistant and heat resistant creating a tube chamber that will not crack or break when dropped. Standard tubes are 1" in diameter with a flared mouthpiece and are super easy to clean.

To replace your Fumo Pipe just pop off the included 3 inch tube and slide one of these new ones on there. Also fits the Incredibowl m420 Mini pipe so a much better replacement there as well; higher quality and much more affordable.

Made in the USA (Colorado)
Fumo Pipe

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