Germ Red Montage Mini Dab Rig

by Germ
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Glass oil rig from Germ
Red Montage Mini Dab Rig from Germ. This glass oil rig has a 14mm fixed stem with ground glass joint and accented glass dome.

The Germ Montage Mini Dab Rig measures up at approx 5 inches tall and 3 inches diameter at base. Small enough to be a great rig but just big enough for flower too (add a 14mm reverse bowl)

14mm joint
3-hole diffuser
Signed by Germ

Limited Time: Every Montage Mini Rig includes a Free PukinBeagle Quartz Nail and Free Huffy Glass Reverse Slide to get you started dabbing yet still cover flowers (you never know).

"Montage is a style of soft glass working from Laucha, Germany. It started in the early 1900’s. It’s a technique of patching together colored sections into very clean, modern looking patterns. I take elements of that and do it with boro." Germ

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Handblown in the USA (Philly)