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Gun Metal Aluminum SUPER Dugout w/Poker

by: RYOT

RYOT Gun Metal Aluminum Dugout with Poker Zoom

Gun Metal Aluminum SUPER Dugout w/Poker

by: RYOT
Large anodized dugout box w/one hitter bat & poker

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This Gunmetal SUPER Dugout smoking system from RYOT starts with a sleek anodized aluminum finish and a dual-purpose magnetic aluminum twist top lid. This not only keeps the dugout lid closed but also secures a handy poker in the bottom.

Same size as your standard wood dugout, each Super dugout consists of a dugout box, a steel poker, and a free cigarette style one hitter bat. Just add herbs and you're ready to go!

Three compartments; one contains the cigarette one hit bat, another stores your herbal material and the last hides the poker. Both the poker and lid are held in place by an internal magnet. All precision machined and finished in gunmetal.

See that built in bottle opener? Use this dugout to open your beers and save the lighters for smoking the included one hitter bat.

dugout smokingDugout smoking: To use, twist open the lid of the Super Dugout, remove the one hitter bat, push the bat into the storage compartment and give it a twist. This will fill the end of the bat with enough smoking material for "one hit". When finished, simply use the included poker to clear the ash, replace the cigarette and poker in the dugout, and close it up.

The ultimate in one hit smoking as well as for self defense and survival, the gunmetal anodized Super Dugout from RYOT does it all with ease!

Dugout systems with one hitters are ideal for when you are trying to quit cigarettes and want to reduce your intake of Tobacco. Of course they're also great with all kinds of legal smoking herbs!

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6 Reviews

Review by Tyler
  • 5.0
Many thanks to to maker of this.
Very high quality durable and nifty/convenient.
Review by David
  • 5.0
As good as they get
Very nice dugout a little heavier than I expected but definitely a high quality product very happy
Review by Daniel
  • 5.0
Way cool! !!!!!!
Well made, looks great, the poker is an awesome feature, way better than wooden dugouts I've had in the past.
Review by Josh
  • 5.0
Nice dugout well worth price. Looking forward many fillings for durable dugout
Review by KJD
  • 5.0
Gun Metal Alum. Dugout
Agree w/ Ryan's review plus: I got this to replace wooden version that has a screw that had stripped the wood so that the lid wouldn't stay closed well. This metal design doesn't have that design flaw. Get one. I don't see this ever wearing out. Note that if you're thinking of using one of those metal batts w/ the "cooling ribs" on it - the full size batt BARELY fits in the supply compartment (diameter-wise)- like the first few times you put it in you'll probably be creating metal shavings.
Very solid piece but easily vanishes in a pocket.
Review by Ryan
  • 5.0
Very Handy
This dug out is very well made. Magnetic poker is very convenient. The gun metal is a nice finish and looks nice as well as durable.

6 Reviews

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