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Hello Neighbor Smoke and Odor Neutralizer

Hello Neighbor Blow Thru Smoke Neutralizer Zoom

Hello Neighbor Smoke and Odor Neutralizer

Lipbalm sized smoke and odor neutralizer

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Hello Neighbors are not available but we found a great new smoke filter though: The What Smell? Smoke Filter! Made in the USA and uses natural Coconut Shell Carbon and Essential Oils!

The Hello Neighbor was the original portable blow through air refreshing system. It may sound too good to be true but the Hello Neighbor smoke and odor neutralizer can completely mask tobacco and other offensive odors anywhere; indoor or out. Cigars, cigarettes, pipes, whatever you smoke, wherever you smoke it, Hello Neighbor discreetly removes those odors fast without messy sprays.

Hello Neighbor is CFC free, 100% non-toxic and simple to use. Just remove the Cap, blow smoke exhale through the pocket friendly tube and the air smells like one of 6 fresh scents! Looks like lip balm in your purse or pocket. Works great anywhere you have nosy neighbors or cheap buddies.

  • Nontoxic & CFC free
  • Looks like lipbalm
  • Use it in home, car, concerts...

Available Scents:
  • Xtra Cool for crowded shows; menthol throws off security

  • Orange Blossom for when in the great outdoors

  • Vanilla-Nut for the car because smells like gourmet coffee

  • Coconut for the beach with the hint of tanning lotion

  • Jasmine for the club bathroom; blends w/urinal cake scent

  • Cherry for when you're feeling fruity

If you want a special combination of scents when ordering more than one, can either add one at a time or just specify preferences on the order form under "Special Instructions". Please note that this Hello Neighbor does not include early access to the Hello Neighbor Steam game and will not be available on your Xbox One or PC.

(the real one is) Made in the USA
Hello Neighbor

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Review by dazy
  • 5.0
Nothing like being discreet
Perfect for many occasions and love the smells!
Review by Robert
  • 4.0
Great deal, good price
Holds a cigar well as packed to smoke out of without inside of it.
Review by J.
  • 5.0
Stealth like never before
This product does what it says it does. Three days ago, before getting on a fourteen hour flight, I took a smoke in the airport bathroom. Would not have been possible without Hello Neighbor. Cheers for stealth.
Review by Adrian
  • 5.0
It always smells like vanilla in my car :)
Review by Shanice
  • 4.0
Works great anywhere. the car, in your house and anywhere for a quick sesh. some smell don't last as long but worth getting.
Review by Paul
  • 5.0
Great for Indoors
I bought this as a solution to using various spray can air fresheners in the home and was not disappointed. It eliminates the smell rather than just covering it up. This works greats despite it's size. I would like to see a larger one as this travel-size has a tendency to get lost in the couch.
Review by sko
  • 5.0
Great in the car
I always carry one of these in the car, never know when you're going to get stopped, and you don't want the car full of smoke!
Review by Jennifer
  • 4.0
Works well
This works great, but it is a tad weird to use. Once you get past the oddness of exhaling through a tube...all is well.
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25-32 of 121 Reviews

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