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High Hemp Organic Mango Blunt Wraps

Organic Hemp Mango Blunt Wraps from Amsterdam
High Hemp Herbal Blunt Wrap Mango
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High Hemp Herbal Blunt Wrap Mango


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High Hemp Organic Mango Blunt Wraps Box of 25

High Hemp Organic Mango Blunt Wraps Box of 25


Sold Out

25 packs per box @ $1.08/pack
You Save $22.76 by the Box


High Hemp Organic Mango Wraps are the Herbal Blunt Wrap made from sustainably grown European hemp. Flavor it up with Maui Mango from High Hemp.

Imported from the Netherlands, these wraps are a perfect alternative to the harshness of traditional blunt wraps. You have the smooth taste of a traditional hemp rolling paper with the even, slow burn of a tobacco blunt wrap; the best of both worlds. High Hemp Organic Wraps is certified organic, tobacco free, GMO-free, and gluten free (why not?)!

High Hemp Organic Hemp Wraps:
2 Wraps & 2 Tips Per Pouch
Box of 25 Pouches
Type: Hemp search for more Hemp rolling papers Leaves/Pack: 2
Size: XXL search for more XXL rolling papers Packs/Box: 25
Origin: Netherlands Glue: n/a
High Hemp Wraps

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9 Reviews

Review by JonesDaMasta
  • 5.0
Taste good & its tobacco free
Review by Hyper
  • 4.0
Fruity terps
Great quality hemp paper. Wish it had a gum line, but put a little bit of honey on the edge and it seals up nicely. Moderate and pleasant aroma. The mango flavor is great, wish it was a bit stronger.
Review by Brandi
  • 5.0
Good product
Hits well. Very smooth.
Review by Brandi
  • 5.0
Good product
Hits well. Very smooth.
Review by Eric
  • 5.0
Best Flavor
If I'm going to pick a flavor of these wraps, mango is the best. These wraps are slow burning and smooth.
Review by Elizabeth
  • 5.0
The mango wraps are my personal fave flavor of high hemp wraps. Not only is the taste great (somewhat subtle which I'm a fan of) but I feel like this flavor rolls better than all the others.
Review by Nick
  • 5.0
8.7/10 Awesome alternative to tobacco blunts
These are def great if you are looking for a tobacoco alternative. They burn nice and slow and taste great. They are a lil dry when you take em out of the packet no biggie. They come with 2 filters which is cool I usually just throw those to the side and save em for when I’m rolling joints. Kinda sucks that it’s only 2 wraps for $2 but it’s not that big of a deal
Review by IsaM
  • 5.0
Love them
I was surprised as how GOOD this were. They smell and taste amazing. They are also somewhat easier to roll than a normal blunt wrap. They do not require that much moisture to work, you can actually make them too wet and they will break. Rolling with them is similar to rolling a joint and not a 'normal' blunt wrap. They come with filters which was an awesome, convenient, and pleasant surprise.
Review by Calvin
  • 5.0
Smoked really good and had a great taste.

9 Reviews

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