High Wishes Kush Hitter Birthday Kards

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Stoner Birthday Card With One Hitter Bat Attached
Kush Hitter Kards not only deliver Birthday Wishes, they leave your favorite toker with a keepsake one hitter bat to hold onto long after their special day has passed. Share the hits in style with this unique birthday card offering High Wishes.

5" x 7" Kush Kard Greeting Card
Outside: High Wishes
Inside: Another Year Higher

Each Card Set Includes:
Rainbow One Hitter Bat

Round out any special smoker's gift pack with a lovely card. Go all out and attach one to a smoking related gift, wrapped with RAW Wrapping paper... the possibilities are endless :-)

DISCLAIMER / FYI / DUH: It Is Illegal to Mail Any Packages Containing Marijuana, no matter what state you are in. Please do not do it. The greeting card with clean one hitter is enough (if mailing).

Bonus: There's a match striker located on the bottom of the card that can be used repeatedly to light the one hitter (with a match of course).