Hitoki Trident 2.0 Laser Water Pipe

by Hitoki
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Futuristic waterpipe lit by a laser
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Limited Time Clearance Price saves you $150+ off retail. All Sales Final but does not negate warranty. The Trident Laser Water Pipe by Hitoki, version 2.0, is an updated version of their laser combustion smoking device. The Version 2.0 allows you to savor the unique qualities of your flower with an even ignition while perfecting the experience and function. The minimalist design features as an eye-catching centerpiece at home or in the corner office. Maybe not a cubicle though...

Trident 2 Laser Water Pipe Features:
Water filtration
New carb button for smoother draws
Fast charging USB-C
280+ uses per charge
Instant combustion
LED power level indicator
Removable ceramic loading chamber
Cleanest smoking experience
Aircraft grade aluminum exterior in black
Increased laser burn radius to create a more even ignition
Increased ability to clear smoke from the water filter with increased airflow

How to Use the Trident 2.0 Laser Water Pipe:
- Fully charge new device with the provided charger before using it.
- Unlock the inner locks and attach the hose adapter to the bottom chamber.
- Twist the water reservoir open to fill with a small amount of water, don’t fill past the line at the bottom of the metal stem.
- Unscrew the loading chamber from the top of the water chamber and pack with finely ground herb, use the flat end of the included dual-tool to lightly pack herb in.
- Reconnect inner locks; if they aren’t connected, the laser won’t fire.
- Insert the hose or mouthpiece into the hose connector.
- Press the power button at the top of the unit 5 times to activate the device, then press the button three times to choose between the three heat settings.
- Choose between holding the button or double-tap the button for a continuous 9-second beam, pull on the hose to fill the chamber while the laser fires.
- Pull from the hose or attachment until the chamber is empty.


What's In The Trident 2.0 Box
1 Trident 2.0 Laser Waterpipe
1 USB-C charging cable
1 High output adapter
1 Loading chamber
1 Silicone hookah hose
1 Hose connector
1 Metal compressor