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How to Choose The Best Rolling Papers For You

When it comes to smoking, some say there’s nothing more satisfying than rolling your own. You already know where to buy rolling papers, but which one(s) should you use? For beginners, rolling might seem like a challenge. How big or how small should I roll? Does it matter what the rolling paper is made of? Do I roll with a filter? Most of these answers come with practice, but knowing your options can help make it easier to find the best rolling paper to start with.

Rolling Paper Sizes:
Choosing size depends on how large or small you would like to make your rolled smoke, and whether you want a filter. Start by narrowing your selection down to one or two of the most common sizes:

Single Wide: ~ 70mm (2.7 inches) long and between 1 1/2 inches — 1 3/4 inches wide
1 ¼ wide: ~78mm (3.07 inches) long and around 1 3/4 inches wide
1 ½ wide: ~78mm (3.07 inches) long and between 2 inches — 3 inches wide
Double Wide: ~78mm (3.07 inches) long and between 2 1/2 inches — 3 1/2 inches wide
King Size: ~110mm (4.3 inches) long and between 1 1/2–2 1/4 inches wide

General rule to follow; the wider and longer the paper is, the more you can fit inside. If you’re a beginner at rolling, a wider paper also gives you more room for error when trying to tuck your paper.

Longer papers are good for rolling with a filter, because with the filter included, you have about the same room for product as you would in a smaller sized paper. This is not to say you couldn’t roll with a king size paper without a filter, but king size papers have become synonymous with filter use and a cone shape, while a straight style rolls often works best with shorter papers.

Later after some practice there’s also

King Size Slim: Same length as King Size but less wide for less paper in the final roll. A little more difficult so not a good starter paper; unless using a rolling machine of course.
Paper on a Roll: You choose the length of your rolling paper depending on what you feel like. Rip off a shorter length for personal sized or longer for when with friends.
XXL: If you subscribe to the motto “Go Big or Go Home” then 12 inch long rolling papers are for you (and +/-10 of your closest friends).

Popular Rolling Paper Materials:
When choosing the style of paper you would like to use, there are more choices than there are sizes. It’s not that hard to narrow down the choice though as the more popular one are pretty specific to your preference:

Hemp Rolling Papers  —  Stronger, less processed, tree free
Rice Rolling Papers  —  Lighter paper, ash free, does not influence the taste but can break
Flax Rolling Papers  —  Another light weight paper with a mix of strength and lightness
Plant Cellulose Rolling Papers  —  Some people like to compare these transparent papers to saran wrap because it’s see-through. Not actually plastic.
Flavored Rolling Papers  —  Generally a hemp rolling paper infused with fruit flavors and printed with soy based inks for fun.

When you are looking for a sturdy paper that is easy to roll, a thicker hemp or flax paper might be up your alley. They are also available in unbleached and organic varieties from companies like RAW and Pure Hemp, for those looking for a cleaner more true to flavor smoke.

When looking for a paper with minimal ash, rice papers are what you should go for, but they tend to be a little more fragile and also extinguish quickly, so beginners beware.

Plant cellulose is cool if you would like to see what is on the inside of your rolled product, but is mostly a novelty.

Want a more flavorful smoke? Flavored rolling papers come in varieties ranging from fruity to menthol. Unfortunately they stopped making bacon papers.

And if you feel like rolling like an OG, tobacco blunt wraps might be what you are looking for, though we don’t recommend them; pretty harsh with too much paper and unnecessary chemicals. Many former blunt smokers have moved to cleaner burning RAW Rolling Papers. RAW Natural (flax blend) have an unbleached, almost blunt-light like appearance without all the unnecessary coughing.

Rolling Paper Weight:
Weight in rolling papers refers to the thickness of the paper itself. The way this is measured varies from company to company, but they can generally be categorized into:

Medium Weight
Standard Weight or Free Burning

The more “fine” or “thin” a paper is, then the thinner of a paper it is. The thicker the paper is, the easier it is to roll, at the cost of having a more paper-flavored smoke. They also tend to be less likely to go out, but at the same time are more prone to uneven burning (“running” or “canoeing”). The thinner the paper is, the less you taste the paper in your smoke. Trade off is they can be more prone to ripping for those just learning how to roll.

With all the varieties and options of rolling papers, it can be hard to decide what you need. By breaking it down into what you hope to get out of your smoking experience, you can find the rolling paper that works best for you.

With the right rolling papers and proper technique, the only limitation on your smoking experience is your imagination. Enjoy!

Get Started Rolling with these basics:

Rolling Papers (filter by size and paper type)
Filter Tips
Herb Grinders
Tobacco or herbal material of your choice (sourced locally)

p.s. If you’re still a little afraid of learning how to roll (which you shouldn’t be), there are always rolling machines which make it super easy to roll up a perfect smoke just about every time. It’s a nice bridge as you progress towards 100% rolling your own.

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