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I-Tal Hempwick Small

I-Tal Hempwick Zoom

I-Tal Hempwick Small

Organic hemp + beeswax wick to replace butane lighters

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The I-tal Hemp Wick Lighter is an organic hemp and beeswax wick used to replace the dangers of butane lighters and creates a natural, clean burning flame. Each pack contains around 3.5 feet in length. The wick burns at a rate of about 1 inch per 20 seconds.

Creates a clean burning flame
Health aware
More flavor
Butane free

The Ital Hempwick is a great flame source. The Ital hempwick is an organic hemp twine saturated with organic beeswax that burns hot and clean, while not releasing butane flavors or toxic metals. The flame size can be adjusted by tilting the wick. Use a flame source for igniting the hempwick then enjoy a pleasant beeswax / honey aroma while you enjoy a healthy light.
I-Tal Hempwick

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Review by Kurt
  • 5.0
Love it
So much better than sucking Butane.
Review by Naomi
  • 5.0
First Time
This was my first time trying this and it really smells different of when you use a lighter
Review by Eric
  • 5.0
Surprisingly smoother
This makes the smoke less harsh, which was a surprise to me. No more gross fuel byproducts in your lungs.
Review by Andy
  • 5.0
Tastes better than butane
Will be ordering more soon!
Review by Jason
  • 5.0
Definitely a essential if you want a healthy flame hitting your glass
Review by Joe
  • 5.0
Review by Smitty
  • 5.0
Surprised! Does make a taste difference. Reordering larger amount. Great service, as usual.
Review by Michaela
  • 5.0
Better than butane
So much healthier than using a normal butane lighter. Very convenient for smokers with asthma.
Review by Johnay
  • 4.0
Good stuff to use, best combustion flame source you can use, minimizes external chemicals from lighter
Review by Michael
  • 5.0
Tried it out and really dig it
I've seen people use hemp wicks and was curious as to why. At the price, this small bit of wick is great for getting the feel and idea. I never really noticed how much lighters change the taste and, for me, the feel of what you are smoking. I recommend this to anyone looking to fancy up their experience. I'll be buying a spool soon enough.
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1-10 of 28 Reviews

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