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Jack Herer: Jack-in-a-Box Set

Jack Herer: Jack-in-a-Box Set Zoom

Jack Herer: Jack-in-a-Box Set

Definitive collection of Jack Herer Books and DVD's

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Jack Herer: The Definitive Collection

This Deluxe, Limited Edition Boxed Set contains the books The Emperor Wears No Clothes, the classic book on why hemp should be legalized, and G.R.A.S.S., Jack's early guide to rating the quality of marijuana. Also included is The Emperor of Hemp on DVD, a feature-length movie about Jack narrated by Peter Coyote. Extra special bonus is the Amazing hemp pop-up art by Bruce Foster!

* The Emperor Wears No Clothes: Hemp and the Marijuana Conspiracy
* The Emperor of Hemp: The Jack Herer Story (Feature Length Documentary DVD)
* The Amazing Hemp POP-UP
* Jack Herer’s G.R.A.S.S

Jack Herer inspired both the Hemp as well as the legalization movements for many. This box set is a super cool way to learn the history so you can appreciate how far we've come.
Jack Herer

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