Journey Pipe 2 Gold

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The J2 pipe is simple yet luxurious in gold
The Journey Pipe 2 is a super sleek way to smoke; especially in luxurious gold. Screenless technology, locking lid for pocketing, heat proof non-toxic gold anodized metal with 2 locking magnets, all makes this one of the simplest pipes around.

Journey Pipe 1, 2, 3, or 4? Which Journey Pipe is best? No worries, we did the research and testing for you. We only carry the Journey Pipe 2, aka the J2 at this time. The real deal as they like to say.

Cleaning a Journey Pipe is easy. Simply remove the lid, and the pipe will separate into two pieces for quick and painless cleaning. Wash the resin and residue off with olive oil and warm water.

Journey Pipe completes the package with a sleek black snap case for storage, transport and thoughtful gift giving. Hint, hint ;-)


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    Posted by Jeannine on Mar 20, 2023

    Beautiful gold pipe and well crafted.

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    Gold Journey

    Posted by Steve Egan on Feb 04, 2022

    I own several Journey pipes. An ingenious design. Stops burning when closed which saves product and has the added benefit when used along with a smoking buddie removed 95% of any trace of smell of smoke in the air. But the Gold is the best because the metal and the gaps cool down the smoke more than all the other designs. Less burning of the throat. My favorite place to use my Gold is in my 58° wine cellar which further could the smoke. It's a special device like no other. This is my second one which was purchased because I misplaced my first one which I have since found, and gave to my son, Devin.

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    Easiest pipe to clean EVER!

    Posted by Cathy on Jan 16, 2019

    "This is genius,no screen and cleans in seconds! Good draw! I have noticed the magnet on the glossy pipes don’t seem as strong. It can occasionally effect the draw,so if you try it and think it doesn’t draw right,play with it! It will be worth it! "

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    Perfect pipe for my OCD!

    Posted by Sarita on Dec 30, 2018

    "I love this new pipe! It's super easy to keep clean,comes with a case and the opening and closing of the lid is very satisfying :-)"