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Journey Pipe 2 Midnight

Journey Pipe 2 Midnight Zoom

Journey Pipe 2 Midnight

The J2 pipe is simple and sleek in matte black

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The Journey Pipe is a pretty sleek way to smoke; especially in this matte Midnight black.

Screenless technology, locking lid for pocketing, heat proof non-toxic silver anodized metal with two locking magnets makes this one of the simplest pipes on the market.

Journey Pipe 1, 2, 3, or 4? Which Journey Pipe is best? No worries, we did the research and testing for you. We only carry the Journey Pipe 2, aka the J2 at this time. The real deal as they like to say.

Cleaning a Journey Pipe is easy. Simply remove the lid, and the pipe will separate into two pieces for quick and painless cleaning. Wash the resin and residue off with olive oil and warm water.

Journey Pipe completes the package with a sleek black snap case for storage, transport and thoughtful gift giving.
Journey Pipes

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Review by Wanderer
  • 5.0
Worth every penny
Finally a pipe where every puff is old grimy screen, super easy to clean. Love it.
Review by KMcD
  • 5.0
Best pipe ever
Love this pipe! It's small enough, sleek, and super easy to keep clean! No messy screens either! Love it!!!
Review by David
  • 5.0
Excellent travel pipe
Top notch quality. Smooth . Operates perfectly for easy use and separates easily for cleaning
Review by Matty3
  • 5.0
I’ve smoked over 50 years, sampled many ways to do that, but this is one of the smoothest smoking pipes I’ve ever used. I love the heft of it without being heavy and the ease of keeping it clean. My best pipe purchase yet!
Review by ShadowDubb420
  • 5.0
Journey pipe 2
The most Awesome pipe ever...easy to ise... quick to clean!!!
Review by Clement
  • 5.0
Best pipe
This is the best pipe I’ve ever owned. I tried lots of different pipes. This one is hands down the best. Also it’s easy to clean and easy to use. It’s perfect.
Review by Jster
  • 5.0
Great product
Review by Markie Mark
  • 5.0
This is the best travel pipe I've even had
It can fit in my pocket and it is perfect for walking around in California, Colorado, Oregon, pretty much anywhere that is legal, or at least legal enough. It is sleek and, kind of like a flask, is meant to fit into your pocket. It has a section dedicated to holding your lighter. The piece separates into 3 parts making it very easy to clean. My only recommendation, thuroughly clean the piece before you add more bud, if not you may end up with a mouth full of ash, like I did. Still a great pipe to buy.
Review by Quidnunc
  • 5.0
Simple, elegant design
Nicely machined with a durable finish. Clever design makes for the most cleanable pipe ever. Think I’ll buy another one!
Review by Gonde
  • 5.0
Love it
Look mom no screen and it cleans like a breeze.
Best pipe I ever bought.
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1-10 of 11 Reviews

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