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Journey Pipe 2 Silver

Journey Pipe 2 in Silver Zoom

Journey Pipe 2 Silver

The J2 pipe is simple and sleek in silver

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The Journey Pipe is a pretty sleek way to smoke; especially in silver. Screenless technology, locking lid for pocketing, heat proof non-toxic silver anodized metal with two locking magnets makes this one of the simplest pipes on the market.

Journey Pipe 1, 2, 3, or 4? Which Journey Pipe is best? No worries, we did the research and testing for you. We only carry the Journey Pipe 2, aka the J2 at this time. The real deal as they like to say.

Cleaning a Journey Pipe is easy. Simply remove the lid, and the pipe will separate into two pieces for quick and painless cleaning. Wash the resin and residue off with olive oil and warm water.

Journey Pipe completes the package with a sleek black snap case for storage, transport and thoughtful gift giving.

Journey Pipes

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10 Reviews

Review by Vicki
  • 5.0
Journey 2
best pipe out there.....journey 2!!!
I own many and have given many as gifts.
All enjoy as i do!!!
Review by KatieMac
  • 5.0
Best pipe ever
I LOVE this pipe! It's screenless and easy to use and super easy to clean! It actually separates into 3 easy to clean pieces. Magnetic lid makes the pipe easy to store or stash away, even if it's full. I enjoy it so much that I ordered another for a friend!
Review by David
  • 5.0
Great traveler
Needs no screen! Easy to use and clean. One of the best I’ve ever used
Review by SCOTT
  • 5.0
Get it! It's a great piece
So, I got the knock-off version on Amazon and it was OK, but not great. It had sharp burrs on the inside and the machining was kinda shoddy. I decided to go for the legit J2 and I love it. This pipe is well made with precision fit and finish. Super easy to clean and an intelligent design.
Review by Stanley
  • 5.0
owner for 1+ year
Durable, reliable, solid draw. 0 complaints, the case is nothing fancy, but a nice bonus too.
Review by Uno D
  • 5.0
Love it ...
This pipe is beautifully sleek and sexy ... like a small sculpture.

It's ridiculous easy to take apart and clean, and no more crusty, stinky, gross screens ... Yay!

Also like the magnetic cover, which allows you to put it in your pocket or purse fully loaded without mess.

My new favorite thing ...
Review by Cathy
  • 5.0
Best pipe ever!
Easiest pipe I’ve ever had to clean, wide bowl, magnetic closure to prevents spills! I LOVE this pile!
Review by mike
  • 5.0
Smooth smokin
Smokes great and super easy to clean. I’ve had other magnet pipes and they never seem to be tight. This one is awesome. Definitely get this pipe. .
Review by Scooter
  • 5.0
great smoke
Easy to clean great smoke no screens to hassle with awesome
Review by Michael
  • 5.0
This pipe is the only pip you will need. No screens, simple to clean. Great draw. Comes with a case, with a space for you lighter. The pipe also slides in to your pocket and stays tightly closed thanks to magnetic closing and sleek design. Great pipe! Buy one!

10 Reviews

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