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Kannastor 1.5in Herb Grinder Sifter in Matte Black

by: Kannastor

Kannastor 1.5 inch Herb Grinder Sifter in Matte Black Zoom

Kannastor 1.5in Herb Grinder Sifter in Matte Black

by: Kannastor
Mini 4 piece herb grinder sifter from Kannastor

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Matte Black keeps the Kannastor solid top 4 piece herb grinder looking great in a personal sized 1.5 inch diameter. Ideal for grinding, sifting and storing quantities of herbs, teas and tobaccos for 1-3 people. Sized at a super pocket friendly 1.5 inch diameter for daily herb grinding and storage. Is that a Kannastor herb grinder in your pocket or are you happy to see me (said no one)...

- 1.5" 4 piece grinder

- Matte Black finish with black top. Stylish and discreet!

- Easy Change Screen™. Just give it a twist.

- Properly sized drop through holes prevent over shredding of your herbs

- Durable 6061 aluminum construction

- One year warranty

Kannastor Grinders come with sharp, specially designed blades for effortless herb shredding. Smaller 1.5 inch in diameter with storage below the grinder and above the screen.

A solid grinder top with machined aluminum teeth makes for a powerful grinder. Strong magnets secure the top grinder component while Kannastor’s unique drop-thru hole design ensures perfect herb grinds every time.

Deep herb storage chamber so you can grind and store more at one time and a new removable sifting screen for easy cleaning and replacement.

The sifting screen is used for both filtering impurities and for capturing the essence of herbs and flowers (pollen) for holistic applications. Standard sifting screen is 60 mesh stainless steel. Includes a guitar pick kief scraper.

All Kannastor herb grinders feature premium aluminum construction with a one year limited warranty. All Kannastors purchased at 1 Percent are genuine, real deal, 100%. Rest assured, 2 decades online and we still don't do fakes!

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