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Kannastor 2.2in Grinder Black 2 pc

by: Kannastor

Kannastor 2.2in 4 piece herb grinder Black Zoom

Kannastor 2.2in Grinder Black 2 pc

by: Kannastor
Matte black grinder from Kannastor

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The Kannastor solid top 2 piece grinder is ideal for grinding herbs, teas and more herbs. Sized at a comfortable 2.2 inch diameter for daily herb grinding.

- 2.2" 2 piece grinder

- Durable aluminum construction

- Matte Black anodized finish for scratch resistance and stealth

- Limited Lifetime warranty

Kannastor Grinders come with sharp, specially designed blades for effortless shredding. Medium 2.2 inch in diameter.

A solid grinder top with machined aluminum teeth makes for a powerful grinder. Strong magnets secure the top grinder component ensures perfect grinds every time.

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