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Kannastor Puck Storage Disc

by: Kannastor

Kannastor Puck storage Zoom

Kannastor Puck Storage Disc

by: Kannastor
Keep herb dry and safe in airtight pocket friendly storage from Kannastor

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Handy little air tight storage puck. Take your herbs, herbal essence or whatever else you need to keep dry and safe and seal it up for travel. Aircraft aluminum with anodized top and precision threading.

Super pocket friendly sized at 2.2 inches in diameter and .75 inches high so no reason to suffer crushed herb in your pockets or purse. Made from high quality 60/61 anodized aluminum. Limited Lifetime warranty from Kannastor.


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Review by Sam
  • 3.0
Not airtight, but your pressed puck is probably oxidized already. Not for herbs or wax concentrate, but perfect for PRESSED dry sift or bubble melt.
Review by William
  • 4.0
Very cool, but not airtight
I love this little travel container, but was surprised that when I packed it in an overnight bag I could smell the product. It smelled up my whole bag. Definitely wouldn't make it past the dogs...
Review by Fluffy_Apple
  • 3.0
Perfect small container
Was looking for a container that would fit exactly to my chromium grinder. This one's diameter in considerably smaller. The aluminum is a thinner guage than expected.
Review by Andrew
  • 5.0
Exactly the thing you need when going out. It's light compact and it comes with a great little guitar pick for packing
Review by Elizabeth
  • 4.0
Wish it was a little bigger..
It would be better if it was a little deeper and air tight but it's a great stash box
Review by Jessica
  • 5.0
Kan i store it?
The Kannastor is great for about 1.5g of your tobacco. Carry it around in your pocket you barely notice it. Not as heavy as I expected yet just as strong. I stood on it and it didn't even scratch. I love this thing. Not totally air tight but will keep your stuff fresh for three or so days. Buy 2 that's what i'm going to do ;-)
Review by Doogal
  • 5.0
Overall a great purchase
Works well with sticky things or pollen.
Review by Tim
  • 4.0
Pretty good
A pretty good container for your days supply, space cases are definitely better for long term storage but useful and discreet for the day!
Review by Dave
  • 4.0
Perfect kief container
Perfectly designed for kief. Not airtight, but makes a pretty good seal. Nice scooper pick included that works very well - minimal loss when transferring from your sifter or to your pollen press. Discreet design.
Review by Nate
  • 5.0
Great product
I use this little guy to store ground up herbs or my stash of siftings from when I clean out my kannastor mini herb grinder. Either way its not great for long term storage unless you find a 2.2 inch rubber gasket, as it is not airtight and will dry out your herbs.
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1-10 of 15 Reviews

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