Large Quartz Glass Cig Bats Box/20

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The best cigarette glass one hitter in a box of 20
Go through alot of one hitter quartz bats? The Original Quartz Glass Cigarette bat is available in counter boxes of 20 bats.

These white glass one hitters are made of almost pure silica to guarantee a better tasting smoking experience compared to aluminum bats. By far the best one hitter glass bat you can put in a dugout with the added bonus of stealth. It looks just like a regular cigarette so you avoid the funny looks; unless you're in a no smoking area of course.

This quartz one hitter is the perfect upgrade for large dugouts, Krypto kits or just kept in your change pocket. One hitter bats have never looked or worked better! Each quartz bat measures ~3.125 inches long and has a beveled tip for digging into your herbs.

One Hitter Bats are ideal for when you are trying to quit smoking and want to reduce your intake or just enjoy some legal herbs. The quartz glass also works well with solids.

Box of 20 in counter box

The Original Quartz Cigarette is Made in the USA


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    Handy hitter

    Posted by Scott on Dec 31, 2020

    What a nice smooth hit like the fact that you can see the glow of the burning material through the quartz glass