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Large Quartz Glass One Hitter Bat

Quartz Glass Cigarette One Hitter Large Bat Zoom

Large Quartz Glass One Hitter Bat

The best cigarette glass one hitter for dugouts
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For discerning tastes we present the original quartz glass one hitter cigarette style bat. These white glass one hitters are made of almost pure silica to guarantee a better tasting smoking experience compared to aluminum bats. By far the best one hitter glass bat you can put in a dugout with the added bonus of stealth. It looks just like a regular cigarette so you avoid the funny looks; unless you're in a no smoking area of course.

This quartz one hitter is the perfect upgrade for large dugouts, Krypto kits or just kept in your change pocket. One hitter bats have never looked or worked better! Each quartz bat measures ~3.125 inches long and has a beveled tip for digging into your herbs.

One Hitter Bats are ideal for when you are trying to quit smoking and want to reduce your intake or just enjoy some legal herbs. The quartz glass also works well with solids.

The Original Quartz Cigarette is Made in the USA
Original Quartz Glass Cigarette

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Review by Wesley
  • 5.0
Great Bat
Much better than the metal bat. Has also helped to cut back on the amount of usage.
Review by Ren
  • 5.0
All i use
Great product i bought this to limit my tobacco intake.This pipe DOES change color over time permanently similar to meerschaum does not stay white like a cigarette it is nice to watch the color change.if you have a broken dvd player laying around take it apart and there is a metal rod inside that the laser slides on which is perfect for cleaning cigarette pipes,with this rod you will get years of use from your pipe and it will work perfectly every time.
Review by Susan
  • 5.0
Long time user
Love these glass bats so much better than the metal ones. All around a better product but only if you don't drop things regularly. Been using one for about 3-4 yrs. Cleaner and better tasting.
Review by MARY
  • 5.0
Love it
easy to clean, doesn't get that nasty taste. fragile, dropped and broke. teeth would be nice since you cannot sharpen like others
Review by Sweetie
  • 5.0
Better than Aluminum
Cleans up nicely and doesn't get too hot. Fragile so don't drop it, had to replace one already.
Review by karen
  • 5.0
Better than metal
Great taste and easy to clean. Doesn't seem to get as hot as metal either.
Review by Jason
  • 5.0
Love the smoothness.
Great product......I know it's glass, but only 2 slight adjustment I would suggest is possibly make it a little more solid, and make them with teeth.
Review by Shaun
  • 4.0
Great upgrade from aluminum
Aluminum and brass bats get so nasty , clog and taste horrible when there dirty .. Quite the opposite with this glass bat flavor stays great and it doesn't clog nearly as bad . It fits my old school slide top dugout great .. So if your still using a dugout this is a great upgrade
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17-24 of 180 Reviews

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