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Lil Nickel Pipe

by: 1 Percent

Lil Nickel Pipe Zoom

Lil Nickel Pipe

by: 1 Percent
Nickel hand pipe

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Tiny enough for travel. Pack this pocket friendly metal pipe, put on the lid and go.

Made in the USA

1 Percent

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Review by Scuffy
  • 5.0
Great but small
Great little (key word) pipe.I have a long beard and really need to get a chamber to lengthen it a bit. If you have no long facial hair and are looking for a compact well made pipe this is it.
Review by Tom
  • 5.0
Great Lil pipe!!
Nice and compact yet versatile enough to be an everyday friend. Bless the old school designs, I put a pipe like this together out of a "spare part " can about 20 years ago and thought I was a genius... too funny.
Cheers Y'all
Review by Joel
  • 5.0
Great as a set of replacement parts also!
Can't go wrong here folks...single chamber to "resinate" some tobacco.

Flat base on the armback stands up well.

Durable and easy to clean.

Great as a set of replacement parts also.

Remember you'll need 2 screens for the chamber as well as one for the bowl.

Review by Kathleen
  • 5.0
A fine, little pipe
I take for medical use and find this little pipe to be great for my needs. Handsome, well made pipe.
Review by Redskinrey
  • 4.0
Great Buy
I bought this pipe because i can store "stuff" in it and let resin collect on it. It hits really good and I connected it to my normal bowl to make it look nicer. It all comes apart so it's easy to clean. The lid is nice too. I bought a Large Connector for it.
Review by Michael
  • 5.0
Nice pipe
Good size and quality and price.
Review by David
  • 4.0
Good for what I needed.
Good parts pipe. Bought it so I could have 3 extra bowls, 2 extra seals, an extra mouth piece, an extra cap and an extra elbow/joint piece.

Giving the cap and a seal to a friend. Using the elbow on my own pipe and probably using a bowl + the mouthpiece to make a waterfall bong.

Good buy! Giving it a 4 because I don't think it would have made a very good pipe for very long.
Review by Tracy
  • 5.0
My new fave
It's a great little pipe. I love the screw on disreet bowl top.
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9-16 of 24 Reviews

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